Living in Asokoro, Abuja – Neighborhood Guide


Living in Asokoro, Abuja – Neighborhood Guide


Asokoro is a wealthy neighborhood in Abuja,

the capital city of Nigeria.  It is a leafy neighborhood, where the politicians, elites and creme de la creme reside in Abuja.

If you ever find time to visit Abuja for a course, for a visit, a job, or complete relocation, then you should consider checking out Asokoro.

In the meantime, before you make the trip, here are some of the places to know in Asokoro. » Read more

Examination of the Real Estate Market by The 7th Detail Business Series

On Wednesday the 4th of April, 2018, stakeholders in the Nigerian real estate sector had a meeting at the 7th Detail Business Series, to explore opportunities, ascertain the challenges, and to discuss the way forward especially with the advent of technology.

At the meeting, several presentations were made displaying the latest dynamics and development in the real estate market. » Read more

Tips on Saving Space In Your Home

saving space in homes

Tips on Saving Space In Your Home


Do you have a small apartment or do you live in a large apartment and wonder what happened to all the space you once had? Or are you moving into a new apartment and wondering how to best manage your space? Whatever your situation, you are not alone! A cluttered apartment usually develops from our inability to manage our space either because we have too much stuff or we haven’t organised our stuff properly. Whatever the reason, if you want some changes, here are some tips that will help you manage and create more space in your home. » Read more

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