Cost Of Land In Abuja F.C.T Nigeria

Cost Of Land In Abuja F.C.T Nigeria

Abuja is a properly planned city that was created in the year 1976 and became the capital of Nigeria on the 12th of December 1991.

The city has the best town planning, is the seat of Nigerian politics, a host to several headquarters of different companies and also a good ground for businesses. Apart from these, Abuja is one of the cities in Nigeria with really good roads, very peaceful environ and also hospitable people.


Today, Nigeria is among the top three countries with the largest economy. Abuja as the capital city of the country is a place where business is encouraged and groomed. You’ll find very good business opportunities like hospitality, tourism and also in real estate. Business is good here because this city is populated by elites who work in places like NNPC, Central bank and so on. There are small businesses as well and they benefit also from the elites whom their products are sold to.


In Nigeria, one of the most prominent and successful industries is the Abuja real estate industry. Ever since it became the capital of Nigeria, different people from different states in the country have trooped into Abuja for business and have become successful by it.

Real estate is one of those businesses that have thrived in Abuja over the years. The vastness of the land in abuja also contribute to the growth of the real estate property industry in the city.

Today I’ll be telling you about the lands in abuja that are available for sale .

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Cost Of Land for sale in Abuja

A piece of land in abuja has got to be one of the most expensive, high quality property in Nigeria. The reason is because, the city is the capital of the federal of Nigeria with good town planning and so far every single building, land, or property has a purpose for its erection or maintenance. In a city like this, depending on the socio-economic status of the client, finding a piece of land might be relatively tough.

Maitama, Jahi and Asokoro.

Maitama, Jahi and Asokoro are some of the most preferred places for residing in Abuja. It is Also in this metropolis that the university of abuja is located which has made it a place open for further development. There are lands available for sale here and because this place also has basic amenities like good roads and hospitals, it is easy to either set up a business or erect an apartment.

As a result of the development in this area, there has been an increasing demand for lands and properties for not just residents but for businesses, schools, recreational centers and so much more. Some of the recreational indulging places include the Asokoro zoo and so much more.

Other Places with available abuja lands with possible price range

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you on deciding to buy a piece of abuja land. It means you know the value and benefits that you stand to gain by owning the land.

Now to get a piece of land of 2000 square meter on efab road will cost you at least N65 000 000. While this might be a lot for some people, it is quite fair and affordable for others. This is why you must be location smart when looking for places with available land.

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Moving on, Apo in Abuja is also one of the places with available plots of land of about 800 square meter each costing N3,500 000. Considering the size of the land, the location and the benefits you stand as the land begins to appreciate, you might want to consider this price.

There are also available lands in places like Kuje, Karu, Lugbe, Gwarinpa, Garki, Guzape, Kabusa phase three, ,phase one and phase two. For places like these, you need no one to tell you that the prices for plots of lands go higher here. The price ranges from N65 000 000 to 2.5 trillion naira. The reason is that, some of these areas have brand markets and commercial places like shoprite, the cinema and the rest. It could also be that these areas have been bought by the government and so buying a plot back from them would cost quite a lot more especially of they have estate plans for the place. In some cases, they allow you buy at a. Cheap rate and then give you the architectural design for the place, so you don’t build something different in their estate.

Abuja is the capital city of the federal republic of Nigeria and this is the one place where things cannot be done without a certain level of organization. So trust me when I say this place is one of the places with topnotch real estate industry.

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The town planning committee has immensely contributed to making the city look organized and purposeful by laying out regulations for land and property ownership on the city. Therefore there are no rooms for irregularly built apartments without proper planning in abuja.

However, in as much as all these strategies have been put in place for proper guidance, not everywhere has available lands for sale in abuja. Those places have been planned and occupied and can no longer accommodate more landlords.

Nevertheless, these areas mentioned above have affordable lands considering the kind of city that FCT is. If getting a property in abuja is giving you any further difficulty feel free to make enquiry from legitimate sources and you will be taken care of.

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