Most Expensive Places To Live In Lagos

Most Expensive Places To Live In Lagos

For Lagos state residents, they have the option of living on the island or the mainland. While some people enjoy the island luxury, beautiful and classy lifestyle, some others prefer to live on the mainland and guess what, the mainland equally has classy, high standard places to live in. Here are the top most expensive places to live, both on the island or mainland.

Eko Atlantic

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Eko Atlantic is one of the most elite cities in Lagos. It is the one place that Africa will remember as one of the most organized, luxurious and classy place to live in. The reason is that, Eko Atlantic has the state of the art standard, high profile architectural structures, and lots and lots of houses. It will eventually become a home for foreign investors and a beautiful tourist site at its completion. Eko Atlantic will be one of the biggest and most enterprising megacities in west Africa. Eko Atlantic is adjacent to Victoria island and cost of properties here cost as much as $4 million. Well you can’t blame them, there’s constant power and water supply, good road networks, mixed environment for residential, commercial and relaxation purposes. Now this is the real deal.

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Banana Island

This is another expensive and luxurious place to live in Lagos. In prestige and cost, this island is next to Eko Atlantic.
This island is host to people like Mike Adenuga, Iyabo Obasanjo and many other elites. Some of the most expensive houses in lagos state are located here. With its beautifully laid lawns and fresh gardens, banana island has one of the beat neighborhoods in Lagos. Cost of property on banana island revolves around $1.8 million dollars and above. Banana island derives its name from its banana shape; I know you’re wondering, it is a man-made island. The size of this island is about 1,630, 000 square meters and has been divided into 536 plots with 100 closes that enhance its shape. Other amazing features of the island include, underground power supply, topnotch architectural designs, beautiful environment and impenetrable security. I think its worth its cost. What do you think?

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Also referred to has the beverly hills of lagos state, lekki is third on the list of the most expensive and luxurious places to live in lagos. This is the place to find the corporate moguls,the captains and ceos of companies and celebrities. Lekki depicts class and warmth. It is one of the most suitable environments to raise kids in. There are lots of estates in lekki and also different types of houses from duplexes, bungalows and detached houses. Properties here can be gotten at N650 000 000 or less depending on the type of house or property.

Victoria Island

Victoria island is one of the most popular and affluent neighborhood is Lagos state. Its is a place which serves either residential or commercial purposes. Most of the people who reside here are businessmen, management professionals and expatriates. One feature that attracts foreigners to Victoria island is the presence of international and professional schools. It also comprises different types of houses in Victoria island as well. A three bedroom apartment would cost N800 000 000.

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Ikeja GRA

Let’s go to the mainland. The island isn’t the only place with topnotch structures, international schools, management professionals, beautiful neighborhoods and exotic homes. No. We also have such standard of living on the mainland and its at Ikeja GRA. Apart from having all these things mentioned above, Ikeja is the capital city of Lagos, has so many relaxation spots and hosted the richest people in Lagos before its expansion. Nevertheless, Ikeja has different types of luxury apartments like bungalows, detached houses, duplexes and even serviced apartments. At Ikeja, you get what you paid for. You can raise your kids here because the environment is always serene. You can get houses at N600 000 000 the only issue is the traffic caused by commercial ventures. Ikeja was meant to be a residential area but notwithstanding, it is still a beautiful place to live in.

Shonibare Estate, Maryland

So Maryland might not be oshodi or yaba but it is the bridge between the state and the capital. This is where Ikeja cantonment is located so you can guess how secured the place is. Maryland has a lot of estates but the most expensive and exotic is shonibare estate. This is where I would live, if I could afford it.
The estate also has sub estates in it. The calm ambience, beautiful gardens, and relaxing neighborhood makes the bill worth it. It cost N300 000 000 for a three bedroom apartment. I can tell you that it is worth the money.

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Ikoyi is the big shotz neighborhood. If you’re familiar with the term old money, this is where the folks with the title live in. Ikoyi is a residential neighborhood that has been separated by waterways from the island. As one of the most affluent places in Lagos, ikoyi hosts the following estates, parkview estate, banana island and the prestigious dolphin estate. If you hosted these amazing places, wouldn’t you consider yourself wealthy? Houses in ikoyi cost up to N9 000 000.

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