How Much is a Plot Of Land / House In Ikoyi

how much land house ikoyi lagos


List of Land For Sale In Ikoyi

List of plots, acres and hectares of land for sale in Ikoyi Lagos.
Land For Sale In IkoyiPrices from ₦200 million / plot (600 square metres)
Bourdillon Road, IkoyiPrices from ₦250 million / plot
Awolowo Road, IkoyiPrices from ₦300 million / plot
Parkview IkoyiPrices from ₦150 million / plot

Ikoyi is by far one of the most luxurious places to live in Nigeria. It is a grand neighborhood sited on the Lagos Island surrounded by water. It offers warmth of style, class and comfort to people looking to settle within the area. It is the dwelling place of the wealthy and opulent in Nigeria. It is also home to some of the most expensive properties in the Nigerian real estate market.

Ikoyi is also home to the famous Banana Island which according to Forbes, is the most expensive neighborhood in Nigeria.

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Ikoyi was initially designed to be the residential area for expats because of its proximity to the sea however it is now a play ground for the crème de la crème of the Nigerian Society. Many corporate giants like Julius Berger have their head offices located there, as well at top Government officials and celebrities.

Ikoyi is definitely an amazing place to live or work in. It is a highly secured area, with the best of social amenities and of course VIP neighbors.

Places in Ikoyi include: Dolphin estate, Parkview, Osborne, Falomo, and Mojisola Onikoyi Estate etc

Land For Sale In Lagos

Price of land and houses in different parts of Ikoyi

How Much Is A Plot Of Land / House In BANANA ISLAND Ikoyi

N810,000,000 – N1,200,000,000 per 2,500sqm plot of land

N650,000,000 – N750,000,000 per 1,500 sqm plot of land

3 bedroom block of flats N250,000,000 – 1,800,000,000

4 bedroom detached duplex N450,000,000 – 600,000,000

4 bedroom terraced duplex N160,000,000 – 260,000,000

Land in BOURDILLON Ikoyi

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Average of N850,000,000 for 1,600 sqm plot of land

How Much Is A Plot Of Land / House In FALOMO Ikoyi

Average of N800,000,000 for 3,000sqm plot of land

N5,400,000,000 – 6,000,000,000 for 10,700sqm plot of land

4 bedroom terraced duplex N360,000,000 – N756,000,000

3 bedroom detached bungalow average price of N600,000,000


N223,000,000 – 270,000,000 per 1000 sqm plot of land

N130,000,000 – 165,000,000 per 500 sqm plot of land

4 bedroom semi detached duplex N150,000,000 -300,000,000

3 bedroom block of flat N175,000,000 – 1, 000,000,000

How Much Is A Plot Of Land / House In OLD IKOYI

N900,000,000 – N1,200,000,000 per 2500-3,000 sqm plot of land

4 bedroom terraced duplex N199,000,000 – 290,000,000

3 bedroom block of flat N500,000,000- 1,300,000,000

3 bedroom terraced duplex 240,000,000 -320,000,000

How Much Is A Plot Of Land / House In OSBORNE Ikoyi

N600,000,000 for 2,500sqm plot of land

N280,000,000 – 350,000,000 per 1,500sqm plot of land

4 bedroom terraced duplex N120,000,000 – 180,000,000

4 bedroom Semi detached N170,000,000-220,000,000

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3 bedroom terraced duplex 110,000,000- 130,000,000

How Much Does Land / House Cost In PARKVIEW Ikoyi

N210,000,000 -300,000,000 per 1,000 sqm plot of land

N100,000,000 – 180,000,000 per 500sqm plot of land

3 bedroom terraced duplex N95,000,000 – 160,000,000

4 bedroom terraced duplex N115,000,000-170,000,000

How Much Is A House In DOLPHIN ESTATE Ikoyi

4 bedroom detached house N85,000,000 – 100,000,000

3 bedroom block of flat, average price of N25,000,000

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