Inauguration of the Upbeat Recreational Centre, Lekki by the Uraga Real Estate Limited

Upbeat recreation centre lekki

Inauguration of the Upbeat Recreational Centre, Lekki by the Uraga Real Estate Limited

On the 9th day of December 2017, the Upbeat recreational centre was inaugurated by the Uraga real estate limited.This is one real estate company in the industry that is currently striving to diversify the face of real estate in Nigeria.

The event attracted personalities like corporate individuals and organizations, Nigerian celebrities and every other individual who had value for fitness and healthy living.

At the event, the Chief executive officer of Uraga Real Estate limited; Dr. Gbadamosi Yakubu said that initiating the idea of this park was a way of changing the Nigerian real estate industry.

He also said that one of the goals of the Uraga real estate company is to make real estate part of people’s lifestyle by changing the social landscape of their immediate environment.

At the inauguration, the executive director Mrs Moyo Ogunseinde stated that the park came into existence from great passion and its need in the community. She also stated the need and importance of being able to think and open up to other options in the real estate industry. She also stated that the basic purpose of building the park was for fitness and healthy living and also reminded that health is wealth and should not be taken for granted.

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The park was designed in such a way that it is safe, sustainable, of good quality and infused with series of activities and recreational facilities for relaxation in Nigeria.

She also added that gymnasts and experts now have the opportunity to train and prepare themselves for the Olympics if they deem fit.

She equally mentioned the different activities that could be carried out in the park which includes; trampoline area, a basketball court, a five aside football pitch, spaces for leasing and spaces for other fun and sporting activities.

Finally, the operations manager of upbeat recreational center Uyok Hanson referred to the park as the first trampoline park in West Africa. In her address she also stated that the purpose of this park was to significantly bridge the gap existing between fitness and fun.

Lastly, she encouraged families there to invite their friends, colleagues and neighbors to register at the recreation centre, take care of their health as trampoline exercises are good for the lymphatic muscles and remember to have fun alongside getting fit.

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