Kuje Local Government Area in Abuja Neighborhood

Kuje Local Government Area in Abuja Neighborhood

Abuja is the capital city of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and just like every other city therein, it has six local governments namely; Abaji, Abuja Municipal, Gwagwalada, Kuje, Bwari and Kwali.
Each local government has its different amenities that help to make the local government an entity.


We all know that a city like Abuja is a city for elites and the highly respected. As a matter of fact the first time I visited Abuja, I felt like there was too much competition and the place was too high class.

As time passed by with a lot of research and looking into places in Abuja, I discovered that there was somewhere that wasn’t as expensive as the rest parts of Abuja. Standard of living here was just moderate and affordable. Sometimes it bothered me that people didn’t know about this place and so I decided to write about it. So let me tell you a place that has as much industrialization as other parts of Abuja but is modest and decent for the average Nigerian.

So for the purpose of this article, I’ll be telling you about Kuje Local Government and I’m excited to take you on this trip myself.

Kuje Local Government Area has several aspects that has made it into what it has today. Starting from its population to the land mass, to the number of villages, schools, hospitals and many other amenities. Majority of the citizens of Nigeria do not know or haven’t even heard about this place, while some residents of Abuja, the Federal Republic of Nigeria do not even know about this place. So I’m going to tell you about it, pay rapt attention and learn.

Briefly on Kuje Local Government Area.

My research on Kuje brought to my notice the present trend of development in the council area, both the present and the proposed developments. It has also made me focus my attention on the area to learn more about and be more enlightened enough to share the information. Kuje has some very well serviced and infrastructural areas. These places are characterized by good road network in the case of kuchako layout, good estates like union homes (a subsidiary of union bank ) and also good schools befitting the status of the residents and visitors at large. Some companies have succeeded in embarking on mass housing estates in the area, and different financial institutions have also joined in on trying to develop the local government. To show their commitment, they demolished old buildings, built their structure and then attained their goal of turning the place into an urban and industrialized place.

To make this better, megafactories ,large farms as well as estate developers other than union homes, NAF, and some others joined hands to improve the level of development taking place in kuje, and they did a great job of it.

Now let’s start talking about Kuje proper.

Location and Population of Kuje

The first thing you’ll be learning about today is the location and population of Kuje local government. It’s easy to just say that kuje headquarters is somewhere around the corner but that ain’t right. So this is the proper way to give the description of a location. Kuje headquarters is located 40km southwest of Abuja. The coordinates of kuje local government on the map are 8°53’47°N 7°14’35” E. 8.89639°N 7.24306°E.

The total land mass of Kuje local government area of abuja, the capital city of Nigeria is 635 sqm (1664 km^2.) And the good people of the kuje equally amount to 97,367 as at 2006 census held in Nigeria.

With these number of people, I’m thrilled and eager to know how they all live in this town and how they have money to sustain themselves and how well the amenities they have are being maintained to better serve them.

Kuje Villages.

Every local government has it’s own set of villages or towns that occupy it and this one’s no different. In kuje local government area, these towns not only occupy space, they contribute immensely to the growth, development and improvement of the local governments standards. By the mere unification of these villages, you can tell that this local government can only grow from its present condition, which isn’t all that bad. There are 110 villages in this local government and they have been listed here in alphabetical order.

List of Towns or Villages in Kuje local government Area.





Baban Kurmi


Barayi II

Barayi Pada










Dibe park



Dudagwari Yamana




Fafere Tsolo

Gadoro pada

Gafere sabo

Ganaju sabu






Genge pada

Gidan Jatau

Gidan Bawa

Gidid Gwari

Gidigwai II

Ginagu Gwari



Gwape II


Gwali Kurmi



Jaida II


Jigwa sabo



Kaho dehammu

Kano G






Kiyi Basa

Kiyi Ganara


Ksayarda Hausa

Ksaryada Sabo

Kuja Pada







Lafiya Gwari














S/Gwari Genge

Sabin Gwaria




Takwa Gwari

Takwa Hausawa




Tukuba I

Tukuba II



Ungwar Galadime





Zangon Kara


If you followed carefully you’ll notice that they’ve been written in alphabetical order because some of them sound really alike. Its hard to tell which is which,but at least now you have a list of them.

Hospitals and Health Care Infrastructure.

I was once asked to deliver a lecture the importance of regular check ups and a sound health as a Nigerian. It was one funny topic to talk about and I was quite young but yes I had a lot to talk about. Just at the time my Nokia phone battery that usually lasted for days, went off. I mean I used it for so long without plugging in and expected it to last forever. As this happened, I took advantage of the situation and made it the introduction to my lecture. If machines crash after a long time,what about humans? It became a very interesting and intellectually beneficial lecture for everyone who was in attendance. Somehow I feel like it applies here.

Without a sound health, how do we work hard enough to be beneficial to our society? Without health infrastructure how do we know how healthy or unhealthy we are? How do we treat ourselves when we fall sick. This is the importance of a health care facility.

However, in Kuje Local government there aren’t a lot of them. There is just one government hospital, one government health center and one private clinic in the whole of the local government area. This is not so good considering the number of villages or towns in this local government area. I mean, take a good look at the population of this place and then the hospitals. It is notching to be written about.


Education is a very vital part of life and having a place to get that education from is quite an achievement for a community or local government. It isn’t just an achievement for the local government as regards creating an opportunity for children to learn, it also creates a very commercial environment that’s useful for making profits and raising revenues for the development of the local government.

However, it is important that we appreciate the schools located there and encourage the occupants of the local government to appreciate their services too.

There some private schools and also some government schools located in Kuje local government area. Some of which are as follows, Government secondary school Kuje, Kuje Science Primary School, Capital Science Academy, Glorious Shining Star Academy, Nigeria- Ghana International College, and Aflon Digital Academy. We can’t take all of these but I’ll talk about some of them right now.

Government Secondary School

Government secondary school (GSS) Kuje, like the others in different states in Nigeria, is a public and government funded school in Kuje local government. It doesn’t require tuition for attendance and is open to all candidates who pass their primary six and common entrance exams.

Kuje Primary School

This school is a primary school that reopened in 2002 after it was reconstructed. The renovation and reconstruction was funded by British Airways’ charity programme tagged “change for good”. The opening ceremony was attended by the former president olusegun obasanjo. This event took place two days before the anniversary of the widely accepted treaty : The United Nations conventions on the rights of a child.

Kuje Science Primary School is a typical representation of how the public and devoted individuals from private sectors can work together with total commitment and achieve great strides.

This school has basic amenities that other regular government funded schools like Electric generator, pipe born water, decent restrooms distinguished for boys and girls , library, computer rooms, and science laboratories.

Capital Science Academy

Capital science academy Kuje, Abuja is a private boarding that was founded in the year 2003. It is one of the best boarding schools in Kuje local government and has the best academic and extracurricular structures a school has to offer. This school has the capacity to accommodate 900 students per session, has basic facilities, a conducive learning environment and a good work space for the facilitators as well.

Capital science academy has also created for her outgoing students the opportunity to pick from some of the top- 16 tertiary institutions in the country and around. CSA has two teaching blocks, one for junior secondary students and the other for senior secondary school students. It also has eight operational science laboratories, three ICT suites, a functional media house or centre, and a fully stocked library that functions all seven days in a week. Capital science academy has also ensured that facilities are equally made available for home economics, the arts and music.

The school also has a very big hall used mostly for examinations, it has the boys and the girls hostel situated at the extremes of the school premises. This school is located in a very secluded area so the security is really tight. They have security details attached to each one of the five hostels. The school also has a multi- purpose hall used for activities like visiting days, career day events, assemblies and other programs. A functional infirmary with professionals and hardworking nurses that are prepared to serve and tend to the student’s’ health needs.

Religion and relaxation have also not been left out. For the Muslim students, there is a mosque as there is a chapel for the Christian students. For sports, there is a tennis court,football pitch, four hundred metre teach,and a swimming pool. In a case where there is any need for movement from school, there are four coaster buses available in case of excursions, two 12 sector buses and an ambulance for future emergencies.

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Nigeria Ghana International College.

The Nigeria Ghana international college was founded in the year 2006. This private institution is a government approved school that comprises both junior and senior secondary school. Apparently, Kuje is a good location for hosting boarding schools. You can’t blame them, the place has a kind of serenity that allows for a conducive learning environment.

NGIC is highly funded by amazing investors and yields good results at the end, which make it easy for them to afford the state-of-the-art infrastructure. Some of these facilities include spacious and adequately ventilated classrooms, comfortable staff quarters, a very conducive administer active block, church and mosque for worshiping, a good dining hall space, functional and fully equipped laboratories, well stocked library and even a computer based test centre accredited and acknowledged by the Joint admissions matriculation board.

Even with the quality infrastructure and efficient staff, the management still ensures that there is room for human resource capacity building and development to help in serving the students better. This is the one way in which the school has remained distinct. The school has as employees, very highly skilled Nigerian and Ghanaian Facilitators that help in the improvement of the student’s intellectual standard. To further help in achieving this goal, the school has set up an “intervention program” to help students become better versions than their predecessors.

Here are some of the notable things about Nigeria Ghana international College.

The school is a private institution but has been approved by the government.

It has experienced, professional, and skillful Nigerian and Ghanaian teachers.

It has fully operational and equipped laboratories.

The school lays emphasis on science, technology, engineering, mathematics, entrepreneurship, industrialization and law.

They also have an affinity for sports, cultural and religious training.

Foreign and Local excursions or field trips.

Emphasizes Discipline

Piques an interest in skill and talent development

Markets in Kuje Local Government

I tell people all the time that the only place I cannot live in is a place without a market. There’s no way I’m traveling to another local government to buy foodstuff. Thankfully, kuje doesn’t just have one market, it has two functional markets. The first market is the 9ne which only takes place once every four days; their market days. The second is centrally located and is functional all days of the week.

In these markets they sell fruits, vegetables, fresh meat, household goods, fabric, clothing, shoes and many more. As you can see, these markets are very operational. The best thing about the markets in kuje is that, everything comes at very affordable prices. Now that’s a reason to leave my local government to the next to buy stuff. Everything is cheap in Kuje Local government. However, these markets are not properly planned and are not modern at all. They lack all the facilities that would make it a modern market including a bad parking space. Nevertheless, the local government has decided to renovate the place and we’re looking forward to seeing a modern market in no distant time.

Agriculture in Kuje

In Nigeria, agriculture is one of the basic and foundational source of our economic status. At least it was before it was benched for oil.

Nevertheless, agriculture is back again and most likely stronger now. Agriculture is a good source of livelihood and a very good source of income. In Kuje, the traditional farmers have not ignored agriculture like every other person. They have continued in their farming activities despite the challenges they must have faced.

They’ve faced several challenges over the years from farmland challenges to input, and even fertilizers. The kuje people have pulled through. Kuje people practice different types of farming, from different livestock production to crop production and some more. The kuje people engage in poultry production, fishery, production of grains and other crops to keep agriculture alive in the area.

Farmland is under the jurisdiction of the area council and getting a piece of land for agricultural purposes in kuje isn’t all that difficult. However, you’re in Nigeria and everything is not as it seems. I haven’t been able to get my hands on the correct proceedings required to get a piece of land for agricultural purposes, but I know that in Kuje it will be better.

It is also important to state here that the people of kuje also engage in agro allied productions as well. Some of the farms and agro allied companies have been stated below.

Tiara farms -Kuje area council, kuje, Abuja.

Bravolak Foods Nigeria.- farms and food processing companies.

Solar house system limited- for agricultural products and farm batteries,

Mcmauk Limited- manufacturing and production of agricultural goods respectively- sauka, kuje, Abuja.

Philips Fisherman Enterprise- fishery services

A and shine international- agricultural machine and farm electronics

Constance agriculture- agricultural chemicals,equipments and other products.

Ginikay Farms- Poultry production ,sauka, Kuje Abuja.

Obilana agricultural enterprises- agricultural machines and animal feed.

Annadu Nubia Farms- Agriculture and farm fumigation services.

Pacific Aquatic Resources.- poultry and fishery.

Don’t Iyke Communications – electrical equipments and dealers in energy.

S R Farms- fish feed production and sales.

Azieda Farms- animal feed, fruit and vegetables store.

Greenland veterinary services.

Momoh Jimoh Salami Farms- agro allied

Nationwide environment + agro chemicals and farm management

Ua Ekados and company – dealers in agro chemicals. .

Maskaka enterprise – farm operations

There’s a lot more from where these came so I’m encouraging you all who live in kuje and want to practise agriculture to get ready. There are a lot of them, and you’ll be the most elated when you see how fast your business blooms.

Also, the kuje area council also gives out agric loan and grant to all those who are just starting out. It is a benefit from the local government. Kindly enjoy if you want to join them. I don’t know how hectic it would be now to rent or lease a piece of land for this purpose, but I know that it is possible. Even if you don’t get from the government, then get yourself acquainted with prospective investors.

Media and Communication in Kuje Abuja

Wherever you are in the world, it is important that you find a means of knowing your environment and what’s going on beyond it. I remember my trip from Kaduna in the month of may. We encountered masquerades at kogi state and though it was beautiful to see their cultural heritage in display, I really just wanted to go home. It wasn’t something I planned for and frankly I would have preferred being a tourist there to being a traveller because in the end, we stayed on one spot for over an hour before we could move. You don’t want that happening to you. In the best way possible, you need to know where you’re going to and know a little bit about the place before or when you get there.

Kuje has a local magazine with which you can get the local news from. The magazine is called Kuje Reflections. Kuje reflections was launched in November 2014 and has been operational and functional since then. Remember how I said you’ll need to know about where you’re going to? This is one quick way to scan through the whole of kuje while seated in the bus. It contains everything you need to know about kuje, their lifestyle, their business life and even their religious life. Once in a while, businesses and organisations are featured in kuje reflection to help citizens find services for whatever troubles they have. Its somewhat like a business directory or the yellow pages to them. Having these in the magazine make the citizens of kuje know what’s available to them and what’s not.

Well, when one stops functioning as they should, there is need for a change or replacement. When kuje reflection wasn’t giving so much as expected in the modern times, a new magazine came and overtook kuje reflection in may 2016. Kuje reflection no longer had so much impact on the community magazine has since its inception, a new and vibrant form of communication will surfaced in 2016, the weekly newsletter was introduced in February 2016. It helped in serving the entire Kuje communities with news on people, places and event. It also bridged the communication gap in all the communities in kuje. It has pages dedicated to council activities so that the people are usually aware of what the government of the day is doing, and this was in partnership with the council as information was to be collated and published for public consumption.
The other magazine called Konfam which released its maiden edition in May 2016, centred on Kuje as a whole and not just the active communities, its culture, values and the people of Kuje in general. Basically, everything you need to know about Kuje in detail. The goal of Konfam magazine is basically bring Kuje to the light. The brains behind the Kuje Konfam Magazine are young and talented people who work hard and have sleepless nights to give the people the same juicy news feed all the time. You can bet that in no time, konfam magazine confirmed its place in the hearts of the citizens of kuje.


Here’s another thing we cannot do without in Nigeria. Money. Frankly, I wish sometimes that we still used cowries or some currency that was less fleeting than the Naira. Well, here we are, loving the naira regardless of how fleeting it can be. Bearing this in mind, it is undeniable that while we need to find a way to save more, we also need uninterrupted access to our finances. We have banks and they have become a necessity in any environment we find ourself. I mean you literally go to the mall and the moment you run out of cash, you’re either in search of an automated teller machine or you’re hoping the sales person has a POS to sort the bill. So we cannot do without the bank.

In kuje local government, there are quite a number of banks. More than for savings and cash related issues, the banks situated there are usually open to suggestions on how to make the local government better. The banks also provide loans for the farmers in the local government to further facilitate the growth of agriculture in the local government and Nigeria.

Some of the banks have been listed below.

First city monument bank

Mainstreet bank limited sauka, kuje

Aso savings and loans sauka, kuje abuja

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Lapo Microfinance bank sauka, abuja

First bank Nigeria, sauka kuje.

Hasal microfinance bank, kuje.

So feel comfortable enough to spend all the money you want to… there’ll be a place to withdraw from if you need to.

Hotels in Kuje Abuja

Going away from home can be very tiring sometimes. The stress of having to leave the comfort of your home and go somewhere else on a business or work trip,and have to be lodged in a place with probably no good source of electricity, terrible food and ant infested towels is enough to stress over. Trust me, worst thing could happen and I write from experience.

However, today is the day to be thankful because you have come to the right place. I am going to be telling you about some of the best hotels in Kuje local government area. This way, when you visit any town in the local government, you can easily locate a nice, conducive and comfortable hotel to spend the night.

So here are some of the hotels where you can and be comfortable throughout your stay.

Deroma Hotels.

Deroma hotels is a comfortable hotel located behind union homes of kuchiyako road, kuje. It is clean, comfortable and packed with efficient and serviceable staff. The rooms are very well structured, there is constant flow of water and consistent electricity. They have food services that you’ll enjoy buy doesn’t run twenty four hours. The rooms are categorized into the following ;

Standard room : #5,200

Executive room :#6,960

Deluxe room :#11,040

Diplomat room : #14,000

As you can see, the prices are quite affordable. Nevertheless if you feel like you want something better then I’ve got more from where that came from.

Dera International Hotels.

Apparently, hotel owners in this part of town have really cool names for their hotels and they aren’t just cool by their name, they match the expectation.

The dera international hotels located along prison road kuje area council is one of a kind. While the rooms are comfortable and affordable-this is the best part- there’s free Wi-Fi available for any room you pay for. I want to move to this hotel just for WiFi, but that’s not all. You’ll have a good parking space, comfortable room, beautiful environment and topnotch service to back it up. The room categories are as follows;

Standard room + WiFi – #3500

Superior room +WiFi – #4500

Executive room+WiFi -#5500

Suite + WiFi-#10,150

Its impossible to not love the Dera international hotel but people are different a and with their differences comes their difference in taste. Which is why some of you reading right now will not agree and want something else. No judgements here. Allow me give you something else you’ll not refuse. Hopefully.

The Vilanda hotel

Drumroll……. Wow, do I love that name, Vilanda….. This one isn’t just beautiful, it’s cozy. Its one of those “getaway with your spouse’ kind of hotel thats perfect for just you two. Its not like the luxurious Dubai hotels of course but who says you need luxury to be cozy?

Its located at plot 862 kachiko layout, garki road, Kuje. You’ve seen nothing like this and I’m pretty sure that when you visit, you’ll have a reason to revisit. Its decent, beautiful, has very friendly staff, good servicing and also very affordable.

Royal room : #3600

Executive room :#4000

Alcove room : #5300

Queens Room: #7500

These are some od the best hotels you’ll find in kuje area and that’s not all. There’s more.. Okay a lot more. However, I promised you the best so let’s go over one or two more and that’ll be it for them hotels.

While we’re still talking about a place where people can stay, let’s see the estates in this local government.


Estates are basically gated communities. That’s the simplest way to put it. Well, originally estate actually mean properties or should I say assets. In this context though, we’re talking about live-in estates. So in kuje local government, we’ve good information that there are some homely estates where residents can either rent or buy a place from. You might consider this absolutely useless to you until one day your company transfers you to the new branch in Kuje local government and you have to secure an apartment in a secured location.

Some of the estates you’ll find in kuje locate government area are;

Aso Meadows Estate, Kuje

Central Park and Gardens Estate, Kuje

Union homes. By Union bank PLC.

NAF Unity Estate, Kuje

New Territory Estate, Kuje

Now let’s get to know these places.

Aso Meadows Estate

The aso meadows estate is a very beautiful place to live in. It’s like every other estate, a planned gated community with affordable and good quality apartments. It is in kuje local government area, it is only twenty minutes from the airport, both local and international, forty five minutes away from the city centre and fifteen minutes from gwagwalada where you can go to any destination from.

The estate has got two phases, the first one us about fifteen hectares and houses 338 two bedroom terrace and two bedroom semi detached bungalows.

Phase two comprises 492 units in which 120 would be sold as serviced apartments and 372 units would be sold as housing units.

The features of the aso meadows estate include ;

Spacious estate park

Shopping center

A nursery and primary school

Events Hall

Police station

And clinic.

Well that’s one Estate that you might wanna consider.

Central Park and Garden Estate, Kuje.

This estate is popularly referred to as the eye of Nigeria. In this estate you’re certain of an actual peaceful and enjoyable stay there. The fact that the estate is both serene and jolly makes me so happy and you will be too. It’s not just about the estate, the structure of the homes and the park in the estate makes it more homely and friendly for kids.

Here are some of the features you’ll enjoy from living in the central park garden estate;

Fences for security,

Good earthed roads

Constant electricity

Good drainage systems

Clean pipe born water

Constant monitoring from CCTV

Playground and parks for kids and adults

And an operational basketball court and sport arena.

The Queen Park Estate

Some of the best or most beautifully constructed estates in the world have gained their title because they stuck to a style in simplicity, elegance and their proximity to places of interest. So why happens when you’ve got the places of interest in your estate?

Kuje is the closest local government to the nnamdi azikiwe international airport. This is one of the advantages that this estate has; its proximity to the world. I mean the commercial and industrial world gives room for interactions and networking between resourceful individuals to improve their immediate environment. Apart from the way the place is commercially and industrially inclined, it is also a good place to raise your kids. It will be best to apply now if you want an apartment in this estate.

Union Homes.

Nothing gladdens my heart more than when I see an organisation stretching into other sectors to both benefit the public and also expand their business. Union bank has shown an excellent example of how organizations can contribute to the basic needs of society and also benefit themselves.

Union homes is a gated estate in Kuje, Abuja. It is owned by union bank Nigeria and you can bet that it will be an amazing place to live in, and an open development in kuje local government area. The estate is basically 10 minutes away from the abuja international airport, twenty minutes from the abuja central business district and not far away from Wuse as well. To own a Home at Union Homes,
details of the Housing Units and the prices are as follows:


One Bedroom Terrace Bungalow- N4.5m

Two Bedroom Semi-detached- Bungalow N6.5m
Three Bedroom Semi detached Bungalow- N8.5m
Three Bedroom Bungalow- N10.5m

The tastefully and beautifully built estate is endowed with the following features

* Creche (Day Care Centre)* Boreholes with Treated Water & Purification Plant)

* Paved Roads with Drains

Street Lights

* Transformer

* Mini Shopping Centre* Administrative Building for Estate Care

* 24 Hours Security

* Green Areas

All these features are yours to enjoy if you buy a house in this estate. I only hope that more companies and organizations can partake in the development of the Kuje local government area.

NAF Unity Estate.

If you have ever been to any of the national air force outfits, you’d know that these people use them to define classy. Be it their staff quarters, base, hotels, lounges or estates, they always have the best of the bests. Something not everyone can offer.

The Nigerian air force unity estate, kuje was built in the year 2007. It has 188 unite on a 9.8 hectare plot. The estate is just 15 minutes away from the abuja airport and 40 minutes from the city centre. You’d love this place if you had the means to get in. It is certain that you’d enjoy features like good supply of water, beautiful and peaceful environment, and of course topnotch security.

New Territory Estate

Let’s just say, we’ve saved the best for the last. The new territory estate, kuje is a gated community with the most amazing features and I mean only features you’d find in an elite European or American estates.

The streets are paved with sidewalks, there’s a shopping complex, nursery, primary, and secondary school so there’s no need to leave the estate; a bank, an equipped and operational private clinic, a relaxation and recreation centre for both kids and adults, a police station, hotel, 24 hour security detail and a fire station. Please tell me you don’t think this place is a city on its own.

Some of the other features of this estate include the boys quarters with bathrooms for some apartments, ventilated attic, internet, TV and phone outlets in all bedrooms and sitting rooms, electronic security system, intercom to main security post, smoke detectors, walk in closet in the master bedroom(oh I wanna live here), central hot water distribution system and then separate shower and bath run in the master bedroom. Why am I not living here????

In addition to the already stated, there are some optional features.

Electrical Backup System.

As a resident, you could be provided with generators that would have the capacity to power your household appliances. You could also request a smaller generator for the most critically needed appliances, just to save cost. There is also the option of inverters.

Marble Flowing or Wall Ties. .

Before you move into an apartment in this estate, the home you pick is already furnished with ceramic or porcelain tiles. With this option you can chose to upgrade to marble ties.

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Kitchen Appliances.

Every apartment is equipped with cabinets and countertops for your kitchen but not with appliances like ovens, refrigerators,washing machine, dishwashers or dryer. These you’ll have to buy yourself and fix according to your preference. Or, you could have them bought and installed during the construction of your kitchen for an additional rate.

Air Conditioning Units.

You can also get well air conditioning installed for an additional fee. The thing us, in the pre construction stage, internal wiring for air condition units have already been done for futuristic installation. However, it would be better if you let the management install the air condition unit during the construction stage for the unit to match the walls. You also save yourself the stress of buying and installing the vent yourself.

Better Security Package

So apart from the already superb security, there’s also an in house security system that gives a notification to the main security post in the case or a burglary entry. When you pay for the house, the payment already includes the alarm system which comprises one keypad at the front door, one extreme siren, an open/close sensor on each exterior door, smoke detectors and interior motion detectors.I can’t tell you how good I feel that I am writing about this place. I’m pretty sure that note than just reading about this place, when you eventually find it, it’ll your expectations and blow your mind away. When I said I left the best for the last, I actually meant it.

Churches/ Mosque In Kuje Local Government Area

As an individual, there are a couple of things that make us who we really are, that mould are life’s perspectives and shape our general actions as human beings. One of the things that contribute this much to our lives and shapes the way we think and manage different situations is our religion. If you’re one of the people who think that your religion is just meant for your place of worship then this article would become less interesting at this point and I apologize. However, for the benefit of those that consider their religion part of their lives and as an institution that guides their actions they’ll need to find a place for worship when they visit Kuje.

In Nigeria, we practice two major religions; Christianity and Islam. The Christians believe in Jesus and the Muslims in Mohammed. They both learn about their religions and worship in either a church or mosque respectively. Both religions are practiced and have participants in kuje local government area.

We have ;

The Central Mosque, Kuje Abuja.

And for churches we have;

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, FCT1,Kuje, Abuja.

The Lord’s Chosen Chapel- Sauka,Kuje, Abuja

Saint Barnabas Anglican Church, Kuje, Abuja

Celestial Church of Christ Barnishi Village, Kuje,Abuja

Saint Michael’s Anglican Church, Kuje area council,Kuje, Abuja.

Christ is the light of the world international Ministry

Saint Luke’s Anglican Church Kuje Abuja.

Bars and Lounges In Kuje Local Government Area.

All work and no play they say, makes jack a dull boy. It make me dull too. Nigeria is a country where everything and everyone you come across practically stresses you one way or another. Let’s try something here, if you work from home,you’ll be forced to deal with the power holding company of Nigeria, if you have to get petrol you’ll have to go out. When you step out, peradventure you have a car, you’ll most likely meet traffic on your way out, if you don’t the tricycle you enter will meet the same traffic. If its Lagos, you’ll most likely meet a fight on the road between your tricycle driver and another transporter. If you’re lucky, you’ll go straight to the petrol station with no itches but get there and join this very long and frightening queue. On this queue arguments will arise and we can go on and on and on about this and never stop. You’ll need some form of relaxation to wear the stress off.

There are different ways to relax. You could go swimming, walking along the beach, drinking and dancing with friends, reading in a serene environment, clubbing, and a whole lot of things. Feel free to decide on which type of outing you wish to go on. For some people they love bars. Remember how I told you about the hotels in kuje local government and how I said there were more of them, yes you do. Here’s a list of hotels with bars and lounges in Kuje that you will certainly love to visit and relax with your friends.

Kingdomz guest house, bar and relaxation center

Kings summit guest house

Dera International hotels

Favorites restaurants

Akands hotel limited

Moonlight Garden and Resorts.


Nigeria is a country that is large, diverse and filled with different people from different ethnocultural groups. They are scattered around the country in different places and are united by basic things like living in the same community or local government. Every citizen of Nigeria is important to themselves and to the country and as much as possible should try to act accordingly. In trying to be responsible Nigerians, there is need to know one’s environment more than regular people should. So if you live anywhere in Kuje local government area, then you should know this much about where you’re from. Its awareness and not being in the dark. If you don’t, then this article is for your enlightenment.

Apart from people living in the environment and don’t know about it, there’s also people who’d like to learn about Kuje for educational and research purposes. It is important that they can take something home from this article.

There is also the people who research these things for tourism, for directions when they’re lost, for development opportunities and a lot more than I can mention here. Nevertheless, it is just important that we source for knowledge, get it and share it.

Kuje Local government is a beautiful and large place with amazing land mass that encapsulates the population, the towns and everything awesome.

This local government has over a hundred towns, two major markets, is close to industrial places in abuja and houses both indigenes and visitors. The communities that make up this place have opened up their doors to recent developments and enjoyed the benefits that have preceded. Some of which have been already discussed; but here’s a summary to remind you of them.

Kuje has become one of the most popular places to go to when you need to purchase affordable goods. Truth be told, in abuja, compared to other states, the standard of living is considerably high. Well, what’s to be expected from the capital city of Nigeria, where there are mostly politicians? Nothing less. The only problem I have with this arrangement is that average people are expected to live in this same place as the elites and survive having at to deal with the same cost as the rich.

Looking to purchase the most affordable goods? Then locate kuje markets in their market days and be wowed at the excellent prices you’ll get. Looking for a place to rest, kuje has the most serene environment for relaxation. Maybe you’re looking for the best boarding schools with topnotch learning facilities, best curricula and extracurricular programs, and most conducive environment for learning; this is your best bet.

Don’t think that I’m deliberately trying to sell off the local government, but if it wasn’t this good, you’ll know from this article as well. This local government has a lot of good estates that already exists and some that are undergoing development. Feel free to join in the development scheme to improve the housing condition of the residents of the local government.

Kuje is a place that encourages agriculture as a source of livelihood and income. In as much as the communities have begun experiencing new forms of development taking place, they haven’t left agriculture behind. Instead they’ve also expanded their agricultural horizons and progressed greatly from subsistence to commercial and marketable agriculture. They’ve gone from just selling food crops to, food processing and exporting. You would be proud of the residents of Kuje local government area. Apart from plant production and food processing, the farmers in kuje also indulge in animal production like fishery and rearing of dairy cattles.

We already know that agriculture is one of the foundational sources of income in Nigeria. However, there came a time where it was abandoned for a while and the concentration was on oil in some States. For places like Kuje, the case was different and they depended on agricultural proceeds to earn a living. It is why they’ve progressed to more refined and commercial ways of practicing agriculture.

So despite the challenges experienced, Kuje local government has thrived and grown in the areas where other places have failed. This is a reason to be proud.

There are also beautiful hotels and relaxation spots in this place. So when you’re there on a job it won’t be all work for you, you’ll be able to find a spot to chill and refresh yourself for that follow up meeting you have to attend.

When it comes to passing on information, kuje has not been left behind I promise you. To learn about a place sometimes, you’ll have to read about them and Kuje is no different.

Lastly for our religious brothers of Islam and our Christian folks, you’ve not been left behind. There’s a mosque and several churches at your disposal. If you feel the need for fellowship then provision has been made to meet your needs.

Finally, you’ll find that the various people residing in the towns of this local government are very polite and absolutely hospitable. When you visit or relocate to this amazing place, there’ll be no need to be scared. You’ll do just fine. Feel free to consult this article when you’re in need of some information.

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