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Land for sale in magodo

Magodo is found along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, not far from the border between Lagos State and Ogun State. Magodo is bordered by Ikosi-Ketu and Ojodu Berger. It is located in Kosofe Local Government Area of Lagos State.
Magodo is well known for various commercial activities, carried on by petty and major traders, civil servants amongst others. It was previously a “sacred land” for traditionalists. Infact the name ‘Magodo’ was gotten from Ma gun odo which translates “Don’t pound it”. This comes from a taboo the traditionalists had to desist from the use of mortars and pestles.

The Government Reserved Area (GRA) of Magodo is a well-planned estate and one of the highbrow areas one can find on the Lagos Mainland. A lot of wealthy and middle class individuals now reside in the area.
Magodo is of two phases which are Magodo GRA Phase 1 found in the Isheri area and Phase 2 located in Shangisha, along CMD Road. There are a lot of demarcated streets to be found in the the GRA popularly known as ‘Zones’. These zones each have their separate security posts and guards manning them. Many street roads in the GRA are not flat but steep that is, they rise and fall sharply.

The estate is quite quiet and serene. There is less noise from cars as cars are not allowed to horn unnecessarily. The serene nature of the environment is quite applaudable as there is no rowdiness, it is private, it has good road network, there is proper waste management, with less traffic. It is therefore not a surprise that the area in in high demand as all the factors aforementioned makes the neighborhood very attractive and conducive to live in. Most of the houses in the area are built in a modern style and there some that still retained the old style. One can move with ease in the area with the help of shuttle buses in the estate. Motorcycles can be used but this is restricted as they are not permitted within the zones. The area also boasts of a security Patrol team known as the Magodo Security Patrol team, PHCN Substation, a lot of hospitals and clinics, schools, churches and relaxation spots.

Magodo is close to Ikeja and it takes just a few minutes’ drive to get to one area from the other. It is already a known fact that the Murtala Mohammed airport is in Ikeja. Ikeja is also a very active place with many relaxation spots and malls. All these services that can be gotten in Ikeja can be easily gotten by those living at Magodo because as earlier pointed out, the areas are close and just a few minutes drive apart. cool spots to hang out and malls to shop in. The nearest local market to Magodo is the MILE 12 market. It is well known and among the largest and busiest perishable food market. It is located in Ketu, along Ikorodu road. The Mile 12 market is accessible every day from early hours of the morning till late night. One can purchase fresh food such as fruits, vegetables, tomatoes, yam, palm oil, fresh meat, amongst others. All these can be obtained at both retail and wholesale prices and way cheaper than what can be gotten at other markets in Lagos. The only challenge of the market is that it doesn’t have good roads as the ground there is muddy during the rainy season and the many trucks that offload goods don’t make things easier.

Some estates in Magodo include Magodo Brooks Estate, Magodo Heights Estate, Diamond Estate amongst others.

It is true that not every area can be said to be perfect for everyone as every person has their own preferences. Nevertheless, Magodo especially Magodo GRA is quite serene and conducive and will be good to live in if you are looking for a place in stay on the Lagos mainland.

Buy land in magodo

Magodo GRA is a luxury neighbourhood hence it is quite expensive and the price of properties is similar to the price of properties in Ikeja GRA, Lekki, and Victoria Island. However, properties in Phase 1 are quite cheaper because it has a lot of old buildings when compared to Phase 2 which has more modern buildings and infrastructures.

A 3 bedroom flat in Magodo GRA can be rented for about 750,000 naira to 2 million naira.
A 4 bedroom terrace can be sold for 60 million naira.
A 4 bedroom semi-detached/fully detached duplex can be rented for about 2 million naira to 3 million naira and sold for about 80 million naira to 100 million naira.
A 5 bedroom semi-detached duplex can be rented for 3 million naira and sold for about 90 million naira to 115 million naira.
A 5 bedroom fully detached duplex can be sold for 75 million naira to 180 million naira.

Service charges paid depends on each zone in the GRA.

The two phases of Magodo GRA are gated. The gate of Magodo GRA Phase 1 is around Isheri area while that of Phase 2 is along Shangisha on CMD road. Phase 2 has two different entrances and exits. The main entrance on CMD Road, that is the Secretariat is used solely by the residents that have estate tag. The other entrance is not too strict and with or without the estate tag, one can use it. Nevertheless, there are security guards at both points. Almost all the streets in the GRA are barricaded and this is to enhance security. It has earlier been pointed out that these streets are known as Zones. For instance there is the Foreshore Zone, Nelson Nweke Zone, Gateway zone amongst others. The Magodo Security Patrol Team has also been pointed out earlier. There is also the Magodo Phase 1 Police Post in Ikosi-Isheri Local Council Development Area therefore security in the area is okay.