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4,920sqm fenced bare land at Oniru shares a fence with Lagos Court of Arbitration.

Land For Sale In Lekki Lagos
Land for sale in Lekki LagosProperties for sale in Lekki Lagos, Nigeria. Easily locate that Real estate property on the Lagos Island. Call 08034856834.

Lekki is one of the top neighborhoods in Lagos; it is a very popular location in Lagos It has a lot of amenities to offer its residents and visitors.

It’s a popular hub in Lagos known for commercial and a luxurious lifestyle.

Living in Lekki is one place in Lagos that has both its benefits and demerits, just like everywhere else. See why you should live in Lekki.

The cost of land in Lekki varies depending on the exact location of the property of interest. The type of title on the land also influences the price of the land. ==>> How much does a plot of land cost in Lekki?

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