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A plot of Lekki land measuring 704 square metres on Piccadilly Street, Agungi Lekki, Lagos

704 m2
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1860 sqm land for sale, directly on agungi road after Domino’s pizza and 2mins drive from Lekki-Epe expressway. Price : 180 million naira

Land For Sale In Agungi Lekki

Agungi is found along the Lekki-Epe expressway between the 5th & 6th roundabouts. It will take 15 minutes drive or thereabout to get to Victoria Island when there is less traffic and about 20 – 45 minutes drive when traffic is much. Presently, Agungi has no central management authority, however, there are various operational residents association in the area.

One can freely get into Agungi as the area is not gated. Nevertheless, some streets are gated and these gates have security guards manning them. Majority of the houses found in Agungi are either family duplexes or apartment blocks.

The central road in Agungi is interlocked with drainage channels on the two sides of the roads. Majority of those living in the area are middle-income earners. There is no central water supply system and all houses located there have personal boreholes and water treatment plants. Waste management in the area is taken care of by the Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA). The service charge is not steady but changes from time to time. However the average service charge is around 5,000 naira.

Agungi is an area that has boasts of different types of properties varying in price, size and location. As earlier pointed out, the area has a lot of family duplexes mostly 4-5 bedroom. It equally has quite a number of apartment blocks and flats. In addition, bungalows can also be found in the area. Majority of the apartment buildings in Agungi are more often than not put up for rent. A lot of those living in Agungi purchased lands and built their houses to their own taste and standard.

Typical plot price:

Purchasing land in Agungi would cost about 92,000 – 120,000 thousand naira per Sqm. A plot would cost up to 60 – 78 million naira

As earlier pointed out, some streets are gated and in these gated neighbourhoods, residents put heads together and each contributes so their roads can be paved and a good drainage system provided. Service charge for other services such as security and waste disposal and maintenance of the roads is not the same. Different streets have different rates but the average amount is usually 5000 naira. But if the road on the street is interlocked then the service charge is likely to be higher so as to maintain the road.

Security in Agungi is okay and the crime rate is very low because majority of the street roads are gated and there are armed security guards manning them.

The major route to take from Agungi while going to Victoria Island is the Lekki express.

The central road within Agungi is manageable and interlocked. Not all the street roads in the area are interlocked and the state of street road depends on those living on the street. Those living on the street are the ones to decide whether to interlock or tar their roads and they contribute towards that.

Agungi has experienced series of flooding many times. The central road is mostly affected by the flooding particularly during the rainy season and this is as a result of the fact that the drainage system is poor. The drainage system is blocked in most locations so there is no free flow of water and this leads to the flooding.

Lands and houses within Agungi area appreciate very well. A lot of people have tied this to it’s proximity to Lekki and Victoria Island. Though properties in Agungi appreciate at a very fast rate, they are still cheaper when compared to other properties in some parts of Lekki

The neighborhood is not a terribly dirty one. It is substantially okay when it comes to cleanliness. However, a lot of the places in the area have no landscape. Individuals can get into Landscaping for their properties if they so desire. It is entirely personal.

Waste management and disposal is taken care of by the Lagos state government. The streets in the area that are not gated and has no guards stationed are always dirtier than the areas that are gated. Also, heaps of dirt can be found at some locations in Agungi.

There many schools in the Agungi area to choose from if you are in search of one for your children or ward. Examples of the popular schools in the area are;

-Mapland Schools
-Gracefield Schools
-Troika Schools
-Grand Oakbridge Montessori school

Typical of most neighbourhoods, there are pharmacies within Agungi that cater for the pharmaceutical needs of the people living in the area. There are equally clinics that can be found in the area. The most popular of these clinics currently is the First City Hospital.

Some of the banks that can be found in the area include: Diamond Bank which is located close to the Agungi bus stop and Sterling Bank located at the Agungi bus stop. ATMs are also scattered at various locations within the area so the banking needs of those residing there are substantially met.

Hotels are also found in the neighborhood. Some of the well known hotels include hotels include Dmatel hotels and Lekki Oxfords hotels. These hotels boasts of lounges as well. Other notable relaxation spots include Domino’s Pizza, Cold Stone, Rooftop Lekki Chinese, Memories kitchen.

Agungi area is one that is known for its lively commercial activities. There are quite a number of malls to be found in the neighborhood. There is the Agungi shopping mall which is located at the Agungi entrance, Shoprite (the circle mall) is just less than 5 minutes drive from the Agungi bus stop, and the Agungi market.

Middle income earners can comfortably acquire properties in Agungi and develop it in any style they choose to any standard that they are comfortable with.


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