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Sand-filled land for sale in Chevron measuring 2705 square metres is readily available.

2,705 m2


Chevron area of Lekki is found between Igbo-Efon & VGC. It would take about 20 minutes drive from Chevron before you get to Victoria Island if there is less traffic and it will take roughly 45 minutes if there is much traffic. Chevron is mostly made up of high brow residential buildings and high property prices. You can get land in the area from 43,000 naira – 150,000 naira per sqm, while a plot of land can go for 28 million naira – 98 million naira. Houses on the other hand go for as high as 40 million naira – 150 million naira.

The Chevron area is properly developed with good road network and drainage system. Most part of the area is made of residential buildings and estates. However shopping plazas, restaurants and petrol stations can also be found within the area. There are really good infrastructure in the area but a few places.

As expected of a high brow area like Chevron, there are some notable hangout, relaxation spots and restaurants such as Mega Chicken, Lekki Conservation Centre, Alpha Beach, Dreamworld Africana and Orchid hotel which boasts of a swimming pool and a lounge.


As earlier pointed out, not all areas in Chevron is really great. Some of the best places to reside in Chevron are;
Northern Foreshore Estate : Northern Foreshore Estate is a great place to reside. It is gated, solely residential and properly managed estate just off of Chevron drive. The Northern Foreshore estate boasts of a central estate management, central water supply unit that ensures that there is 24 hours of treated water supplied to the estate, central generators that provide 24hours of electricity, good road network, good drainage system, a playground and sports facilities.

Carlton Gate Estate : Carlton Gate is an equally great place to reside in Lagos. It is a highbrow residential estate also found in Chevron. This estate also has a central management authority, central water supply unit, good network of road and drainage system, a playground and generators that power streetlights and ensures a steady water supply. The estate occupies about 40 hectares of land. It is a joint venture of Megamound Limited and Ojomu Chieftaincy family.


Now let’s take a look at some of the worst places to live in the chevron area.

Igbo- Efon: The Igbo-Efon area is one of the not so attractive areas to reside in the Chevron area. There is a poor road network as the road in the area is narrow and not particularly in a good condition. The Igbo-Efon area is not gated like other areas in chevron and this poses some security risks. More so, commercial activities are not so great in the area.

Atlantic View Estate : The Atlantic View Estate got it’s name from the Atlantic Ocean as it is close to the ocean. It actually boasts of some good infrastructures and facilities. However, some of these structures and facilities in the estate are dilapidated as a result of the proximity of the estate to the Atlantic ocean. There are a lot of instances where the estate was affected by Ocean Surge and this badly affected the people living there at that time. Nevertheless, a lot of work has been done and more work is still going on at the estate as the the Lagos State Government is doing its best to ensure that that type of occurrence does not repeat itself.

Now that we’ve looked at the best and worst places in the area, let’s talk about some of the advantages of residing in the Chevron area.

-It is properly developed
-There is low crime rate in the area
-There is good road network
-Due to its location there is less traffic to V.I. It would take about 20 minutes drive.

For those who want to resell property. or who are into real estate, property. appreciates very fast so you are. assured of quick returns.

As you know, whatever has an advantage also has a disadvantage. In this case, the obvious disadvantage of that the area is that properties are expensive. This is not favourable to those who want to acquire properties in the area.

A lot of the people living in the area are mainly high income earners that can afford fully serviced estates or middle income earners that acquired properties when it was cheaper.

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