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Commercial Land measuring 1400sqm suitable for malls, banks, schools etc. Location : at Idado in Lekki Opposite Eti-Osa Local Government office, beside UBA bank , just before Alfa beach road and Chevron roundabout.

1,400 m2


Idado is situated along the Lekki-Epe expressway. It is sandwiched between Jakande and Chevron. It will take about  15 minutes’ drive if there is less traffic to get to Victoria Island and Ikoyi from Idado. But if there is heavy traffic, then it will take roughly 30 to 45 minutes to get to Victoria Island and Ikoyi.
Idado though a gated community does not have a central management authority. However, it boasts of a fully operative landlords association. Idado though still a developing area, has many constructions going on and houses keep on springing up. The main road in the area is interlocked, and has drainage systems on the two sides of the road.
As earlier pointed out,  Idado is a gated community. Nevertheless, movement is not restricted, and one can get in and out through various ways. There are security guards but they are only at the main entrance gate. Majority of the houses in Idado are duplexes but they are not of the same style or pattern because everyone acquires land and develops it to their own standard and style.
The area has one main entrance gate and this is where the security guards are stationed.  But movement is not restricted in any manner and most times they do not search the cars entering or leaving.  Nevertheless, the area is relatively safe and crime rate is very low.
Idado  is not yet fully developed but it has a substantially good road network. While the main roads and some other streets have good interlocking, others are not so great and while some roads boasts of good drainage  on the two sides of the road, others do not which explains why there are puddles scattered across some roads on some occasions  resulting in difficulty and no ease of movement by motorists and pedestrians.
Just like land and landed property anywhere in the country, properties also appreciate in Idado. However it does not appreciate at a very fast rate like some of the well developed areas like Ikoyi, Victoria Island and other parts of Lekki.
Like we pointed out earlier,  landlords are not restricted to building their houses in a particular model or style. Once you acquire a property in the area you can build on it in any manner you want according to your own taste, style and standard.
If you say the residents of the neighbourhood do not have time for outside beautification of their houses, you could be right. Most times it stops at basic painting of the walls.  Decorations of any kind be it flowers, trees or statues are very few and can only be found outside a few of the houses.

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