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Land For Sale In Yaba


Land for sale in Yaba LagosProperties for sale in Yaba Lagos, Nigeria. Easily locate that Real estate property in akoka, jibowu, sabo, ebutte meta all in Yaba. Call 08034856834.


Yaba is also known as the “Heartbeat of Lagos Mainland” and the reason for this is not farfetched.  Yaba is one of the well known suburbs found in Lagos Mainland. Notable areas in Yaba Local Council Development Area are, Makoko Community, Akoka Sabo, Ebute Metta,  Jibowu, Herbert Macaulay Way, Commercial Avenue, Alagomeji, Tejuosho etc.
SABO YABA – Sabo, is also referred to as  the Silicon Valley of Lagos, popularly called “Yabacon Valley”. It is the tech point of Lagos State. The area is improving at a steady pace as Lagos State’s technology point with a lot of startup companies, financial institutions, and private business set ups.  Popular in Sabo is the iDea Hub, Andela office which is a company that focuses on training software developers and Co-Creation Hub ( a technology-oriented enterprise, along Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo, Yaba.) It is a place for technologists, social entrepreneurs, tech companies, and impact investors all over Lagos to co-operate and discover new solutions to the numerous social challenges facing Nigeria. A fact to note is that when Mark Zuckerberg (the Co-founder and CEO of Facebook) visited Nigeria in 2016, Cc-HUB was the first place he visited. Sabo equally boasts of the Sabo Model Market, Ozone Cinema, and  E-Center Mall found on Commercial Avenue.
AKOKA YABA – Akoka is an area in Yaba that is taken to be the area for a lot of schools as well as hub of two well known tertiary institutions in Lagos which are the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and the Federal College of Education (Technical), Akoka. This is also the reason why the the Akoka area often have problems with tackling social disturbances due to activities of cult members.
HERBERT MACAULAY WAY – On Herbert Macaulay Way, a notable structure is the Herbert Macaulay Library. It was renovated by Guarantee Trust Bank in 2017. The Herbert Macaulay Library also known as the ‘You Read’ library is equally  an approved Coding Center in Lagos. Also found on this  Herbert Macaulay Way is the popular Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH), which was founded in 1947 and is the first higher institution of learning in Nigeria.
JIBOWU­­- Jibowu is the point of major inter-state transport companies such as  ABC transport, Chisco transport, Ekene Dili Chukwu transport, G.U.O. transport, God Is Good Motors (GIGM), Ifex Express, Ifesinachi transport, Peace Mass transport, etc.
TEJUOSHO – Yaba boasts of one of the busiest markets in Lagos State which is the Tejuosho market, also known as Yaba Market. Found opposite Yaba market is The Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, majorly known as “Yaba Left”.  Tejuosho Ultramodern Shopping Center is equally located in this area and it is one of the largest shopping plazas in Lagos. It caught fire in 2007 but it has been rebuilt and remodeled to a more modern looking building. So if you are in search of a place to do your shopping in the area then, Tejuosho is the place to visit.
Other notable areas in Yaba Local Council Development Area are:
EBUTE METTA – Ebute Metta is an antique part of Lagos. Most of the houses there were built during the colonial era. Notable buildings in Ebute Metta include the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) headquarters, NIPOST, Ebute Metta Health Center, Lisabi Hall which is a multipurpose hall, Jaekel House, a mini museum which houses artifacts of the old Railway system is found in the Nigerian Railway Corporation compound. The museum avails one the opportunity to catch a glimpse into Nigeria’s colonial past and craftsmanship of buildings in that era. Also found in the area is the St Jude’s church and school, African Salem church and school, and the Salvation Army church. Ebute Metta connects the Lagos Mainland and Lagos Island. The Okobaba Sawmill Industry is found in Ebute Metta. The sawmill gets wood from different places Lagos included, which is transported through the water body and used to manufacture plywood and other things.
MAKOKO COMMUNITY – Makoko is an area with a population of about 100,000 people, made up mostly of Egun migrants from Badagry. Makoko is an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean so it comes as no surprise that it is a fishing community. A lot of families and individuals are settled there although they are mostly low-income earners whose major economic activities are fishing, salt-making, and selling fire-wood. The area does not have fundamental social amenities, infrastructure and sanitation and the government is always threatening to evict them because of the condition of the place. It was even marked for demolition in 2012 by the Lagos State Government and the idea was to turn the area into a “Luxury Property” as part of the Mega-City initiative. Nevertheless, this idea met with a lot of disagreement and attack by the occupiers of the area who didn’t want to displaced and rendered homeless, so the demolition was not carried out. Makoko Community can be viewed from the Third Mainland Bridge. One would see wooden shacks on stilts, boats sailing on water and people fishing.  The residents of Makoko celebrate “Makoko Community Day” annually as a way of showing their culture. This annual celebration usually lasts for a week and is packed with a lot of displays, exercises and cultural activities. The first celebration was in 2016 and the Makoko Police Post in the area helps to maintain law and order.
Many of the buildings in Yaba are old and outdated, both in design and interior finishing which is why some people refer to the area as “OLD LAGOS“. There are only a small number of buildings that are actually in the modern style.
Another point to note is that most of the land area is built up, and the implication of this is that there is less land available for estate developers to purchase and build well planned modern estates, as is obtainable in the Lekki – Ajah area of Lagos. That is the reason why a lot of the estates in Yaba are merely mini estates or apartment blocks.
Typical property prices in Yaba:
    Land in Yaba can be sold within the range of 26 million naira to 200 Million naira. This however is determined by the location of the land which you want to purchase.
There are Police stations in Yaba but one can never be too careful when it concerns security. Though there are police stations,  there are still reported cases of crime and robbery.
The public amenities in Yaba include the police station; Yaba Panti Police Station and Makoko Police Post, fire station;Federal Fire Service, health centers; Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Hoare’s Memorial Methodist Cathedral Clinic, Yaba etc, banks; Zenith Bank, Ecobank, GTBank, Skye Bank,Diamond bank amongst others, bars, lounges, hotels, restaurants and many relaxation spots,malls, commercial centers and markets; E-center, MallMart, Tejuosho Shopping complex and market, Sabo Model market, Asejere Market, Makoko amongst others.