Land Use Act 1978 – Advantages and Disadvantages of Land Use

land use act

The Land Use Act is one of the most controversial discussion to a realtor. The purchase and use of land in any place is the peak of real estate all over the world.

Land cannot be moved or just excavated from a particular location.

Its is something that can be used as a collateral or tender for investments and transactions.

However, to invest in land, one would have to go through formal registration, proper documentations and undergo some security requirements without which, one cannot acquire a property.

These are the reasons for the the land use act of 1978. Another purpose is to ensure the proper and efficient use of land in Nigeria.

Truly, there are benefits and pitfalls to this land use act.





Advantages of the Land Use Act

With the land use act, anyone who wishes to buy a land and has an adequate plan for its use will have a land at his disposal.

This ultimately means that someone without a plan cannot purchase a piece of land.

This in turn reduces the number of wasted lands purchased by spectators.

The Land use act has also made allocation easy. Instead of going all the way to the governor for permission, it has permitted the local area council members to allocate rural lands.

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With local area council being able to allocate lands in rural areas, acquisition is made easier.

Land spectators are people who buy lands without prior plan for the use of the property.

The land use act, prevents this from happening. There are people who buy lands in urban and developing areas that should develop because its a commercial environment, but they don’t.

Instead, they leave the land fallow, when development is going on in the area, and ruin the outlook of the place.

Land dispute is one of the commonest problems associated with land acquisition in Nigeria.

The land use act helps in drastically reducing the rate of complaints laid concerning land disputes; especially after the compulsory land survey.

Agriculture is a major sector of the economy that was forgotten for a while.

However, it is slowly coming back and the government is also not holding back on supporting the farmers.

The farmers need land for agricultural production whether its animal production or crop production, land is essential.

This would have been difficult to acquire but thanks to the land use act, its not.

Life has  been made easier for farmers by this act because, it gives them liberty to acquire up to 500 hectares for crop production and 5000 hectares for animal production.


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Disadvantages of the Land Use Act.

The first disadvantage is that as a result of the mode of systematically registering titles, all those land owners with registered titles are open and eligible to note opportunities than land owners without a registered title.

As a matter of emphasis, its almost as if those with registered titles are wealthier than those without.

Section 22 of the Act requires that the Governor’s consent be acquired before the transfer of land is made to the purchaser.

This power given to the governors have been abused by many as lands in their trust are either used as they will, or withheld from potential developers.

This is wrong, but by the virtue of this act, the only thing that can change it, or tweak it, is an amendment. Otherwise, it is going to remain this way for a pretty long time.

Lastly, the land use act causes delay in land acquisition.

If you’ve ever seen the list of things and procedures to undergo before acquiring a land or been through the process, you’ll relate.

Investors, developers, companies, lots of industrialists and the common or average Nigerian man will experience delay as a result of the long proceedings to deal with.


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Conclusion on Land Use Act

In life generally, everything that has a good side has its equivalent deficiency. In real estate, this is not new and you can be certain that there are worst situations.

In this case though, there is no surprise that the land use act of 1978 has both benefits and pitfalls.

This article has stated some reasons why the land use act was enacted and it has also shown the advantages as well.

The advantages are alright , but the disadvantages need to be looked into.

The reason is that, these disadvantages affect mostly the common man who just wants to build his house.

Rather than subject people to such issues, it’ll be better if they are considered for adjustments to serve the people better.

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