Living in Warri, Delta- The Neighborhood Guide

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Living in Warri Delta – The Neighborhood Guide

Warri is the oil hub, the most popular city, the most industrious after the capital city,and the city with the most diversified cultures in the state. This city also houses an annex of the government house, the zonal bodies of the educational and social-political establishments. Warri shares boundaries with other towns like Agbarho/Ughelli, Sapele, Okpe, Udu, and Uvwie. Like every other state, Delta state has twenty seven local government areas. We cant talk about all the local government, but, you will see some of the most popular places in Warri.


Most popular schools in Warri.

Warri is geographically one of the biggest cities in delta state; so there’s a high population of individuals with educational needs. Therefore, there are quite a lot of schools to serve these needs. Here are the most popular schools in the oil city of Warri.


Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun


Petroleum training institute is a higher institution that was established in the year 1973 and is currently headed by the CEO and principal; Professor Sunny Iyuke. The school was established to train individuals to improve the oil and gas sector in Nigeria. Certificates awarded in this institution includes, national diploma and higher national diploma in petroleum related courses.



DSC is one of the most school in Warri, delta state. It is located at steel town 1, orhuwhorun, Warri, delta state. The school was established in 1983 by the Delta steel company, to equip staff kids with quality secondary education and to ensure that they are sound enough to take over from their parents in the future.




This is another popular school in Warri where luxury meets with education.   The classrooms have been made conducive for learning and the standard of education is equally exceptional. It is

Located at shell estate, ogunu, Warri.



As the name implies, fgc Warri is a federal school  located at ogunu, Warri. It is a secondary school with both boarding and day facilities. This school initiated the idea of establishing a school for the children of the members of staff; Staff Nursery and Primary school. Both schools are in the same compound, have well trained teachers, and the students never disappoint during inter-schools competitions.



This school was recently established and is the first petroleum university in Africa and the sixth in the world. There’s absolutely no doubt that this school has a good educational standard for all those interested in the field of petroleum. It is located at ugbomro, effurun, warri.

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Most Popular Markets in Warri

There are different markets in the oil city of Warri. Lets see some of the most popular markets ones.



Ibo market is the hub for clothes  and accessories in warri. Whatever you’re looking for that concerns clothes, you will find here. You will also find hand made leather items here for sale at quite an affordable price. There is also a section where you’ll get people who can make curtains and table cloths to suit your home interior. However, as a guest, you must be extra vigilant. Markets generally are the home of pickpockets and Ibo market is not an exception.



Igbudu market on the other hand, is a combination of everything. Here, you’ll get foodstuff, clothes, accessories, jewelry makers,hair vendors and stylists, fashion designers, stationery, furniture makers, electronics vendors and so much more. There is also a section of this market dedicated to the sale of “ok” items also known as second hand, okrika or gbogbo. In this section, not just clothes that are sold, shoes, household items and even books are sold. You should visit this place, but remember to safeguard your property, lets not report casualties.



Now this is the food market or otherwise known as the farmers market. This market holds every four days and farmers and traders from neighboring towns and villages to market their produce. On these market days, commodities are usually more affordable than on normal days. If you’re on tour, visiting or even a resident of warri, you should visit this market to buy food items for your home or loved ones at home.


Most Popular Hotels in Warri

Warri is the oil city of the nation; Nigeria and therefore hosts a lot of investors. To ensure a comfortable stay in this city, amazing hotels have been built by business minded people. The hotels on this piece are some of the best and you are sure to enjoy your stay when you visit. Lets see some of these hotels below;



Bon hotel is located at km3, Nigerian port authority (NPA) expressway, Warri, delta state. It was formerly known as Protea hotel. Bon hotel is a really beautiful hotel that was built for the luxury and comfort of its clients. The cost of lodging at this hotel is N35,000 per night. Each room in this hotel is furnished with a fridge, a lampshade, a sitting area,cable television,a king sized bed, and in some, a kitchen.

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This is the closest hotel to the Osubi airport in Warri as it is just ten minutes away from the airport. Here you will enjoy the beautiful view of the warri park, complementary breakfast, relaxation at the lounge, cool drinks, airport shuttle, money exchange, networking opportunities and a lot more. A room here costs N30,000.



The wellington hotel is the last hotel on our list, but certainly not the least. This beautiful place gives a refreshing and relaxing feel. Its rooms; furnished, cost; affordable, services; standard and you’ll be getting your moneys worth, which is by the way N16,000.


Top Five Places and things To Try in Warri

So eventually when you get around visiting the oil city, or if you found yourself there because of a job,then there are a couple of thing you should try out before you leave.



The Olu’s palace is the resident of the king of Warri, also known as the Olu of Warri. The king hails from one of the ethnic groups that make up the state; the Itsekiris. If ever you find yourself in warri, you should totally visit the palace and be touched by royalty.



This park is a beautifully designed for relaxation and unwinding. If you love walks in the park, picnics, or just reading in the park, then make sure to visit this park. It is located at PTI junction,effurun round about, Warri.



The Delta shopping mall is another place where you should visit before you leave Warri.

You’ll certainly find something to buy for your loved ones before leaving.



Warri also has a stadium if you are a lover of sports. It is mostly used during football seasons, track events and national celebrations. The stadium has a capacity of 20,000 people, standard track and field facilities.



Banga soup is a tasty, delicious, meal prepared by the Itsekiris and Urhobos of delta state and you can bet it will make your taste buds happy. If you have never been to Warri, when you visit, find time to taste this soup with starch; the combination is divine.

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Most Popular Churches in Warri

After the unwinding, comes the worship. If you are ever in Warri fora visit and you cant find somewhere to worship at, allow us recommend the most popular church where you can worship.



IGC is one of the most popular churches in Warri delta state. If you are a member of a Pentecostal ministry, then you should visit word of life bibe church. You will enjoy the worship there. It is located at Ajamimogha, Warri, very close to  the palace of the Olu of Warri.



St Andrews Anglican church is located at Okere road in Warri delta state. So some people are not Pentecostal and are of an Anglican or catholic descent; this church will serve as a worship center for them.



House on the rock is one of the most popular churches in Nigeria and yes, there is a regional headquarter at airport road Warri. Feel free to stop by and get your praise on.


Warri is the oil city of Nigeria, the center of the oil industry.this city hosts lots of industrialist, has amazing talents that have made the city grow. The establishment of the companies and  schools have opened the city up to more investors and inventions. Warri is a land of investment opportunities, you should totally visit very soon. In addition, if you are a resident of Warri, the oil city, make sure that you appreciate the place and take advantage of the opportunities therein.


Being new in the neighborhood will no longer be a problem for you, I hope this will help to broaden your knowledge and aid your movement in the city. Enjoy your stay.

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