What To Look Out For When Buying Land In Nigeria

buying land in nigeria

What To Look Out For When Buying Land In Nigeria

What are the things you really need to look for when buying land in Nigeria? There are lots of things you need to be aware of when purchasing plots of land in Nigeria.
Things To Look Out For When Buying Land In Nigeria
  1. Request for owner’s document.
  2. Verify the document and property.
  3. Inspect the land by yourself.
  4. Ensure that every payment/transaction is documented.

Buying Land In Nigeria

Proper investigation about a property you want to buy is very essential, probing, authenticity and validity of the property is very important when buying land in Nigeria especially in a country like Nigeria where criminals can just pose to be land owners.
There are key areas you need to verify so you won’t be a victim of such and that is the reason for this post.

If you are considering buying a property in any city in Nigeria then this post is for you, there are key areas you must cover and there are some vital things you must do to avoid making some of the mistakes some people make so you can buy a property that would give you joy.

The reason why it is very important to investigate, authenticate, validate the property you want to buy because you do not want to give you hard earned money to someone who is not the true owner of the land, or pay for a government acquired property.

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On this article you will learn all that there is to learn and what to look out for when buying a land in Nigeria so you do not end up giving your money to the wrong hands.Here are important things to look out for when buying land in Nigeria

Advice on buying Land in Nigeria

buying land in nigeria

1. Request For Owners Document

Before buying land in Nigeria, you should request for the following document.
  • Certificate of Occupancy, (C of O).
  • Survey Plan
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Deed of Assignment

This can never be over emphasized, Its very important that you get these documents before paying for the property. Lots of people have fallen victim of buying property they never authenticated.

I know there are some occasions where someone whose selling a property you want to buy is a close relative, friend or colleague and you trust the person so you never went through the due process to verify and authenticate the property before buying but also there are few others who have fallen victim because they didn’t follow the due process as well so requesting for the owner document is very important to avoid being scammed or duped.

2. Verify the Document & Property

Its very important to verify the authenticity of the document given to you and the property you want to buy. It not just enough to have them sent you but you must verify it so you can be sure of what you are buying.

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Sometimes people tend to jump at an opportunity, while it is good to jump at an opportunity it is also safe to verify the property and document that you have been sent otherwise there is no need requesting for the owners document in the first place, your money is what is at stake so do not gamble with it.

You need to know where the land is located, why he wants to sell it and if its because of a dispute or litigation.

3. Inspect the Land by Yourself

This is a very important step to take when acquiring a property. Lots of people have been scammed and duped because they were too busy to inspect the property themselves.

No matter how busy you are find the time to visit the land physically or send a trusted person to view the property.

Its good to have pictures sent to you from whoever is selling the property to you but its best when you go there yourself to see it or send someone you

4. Every Payment Documented

Everything must be properly documented with receipts from the payment to the survey fees. It’s very important so you can have a full and a complete detail of the transaction made.

5. All Transaction Details in Writing

All transaction should be well documented, this is very important for future references. These document include, contract of sale, deed of assignment, letter of allocation, survey plan, affidavits etc.
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