Most Expensive Places To Live In Enugu

most expensive place to live in enugu

Here with are details on the Most Expensive Places To Live In Enugu. In Nigeria, the most popular type of migration is the rural-urban migration.

There are quite a number of reasons why people migrate and some of them include; looking for greener pasture, work or even marriage.

As a result of this, there’s a always a search for an apartment in the urban areas of Nigeria.

Most Expensive Places To Live In Enugu

One of these urban cities where people go to look for greener pasture is Enugu.

Enugu is the capital city of Enugu, one of the South Eastern States in Nigeria.

The name originally originates from two Igbo words; Enu and Ugwu, meaning “Hilltop”. Enugu state was carved from Anambra state which it was formerly under but has equally done well since it stood on its own as well.

So far, Enugu has become a place for growth and investments by business minded people.

As a result of the business nature of the city, people are constantly migrating to this city.

The people who migrate to the city and are in search for a residential apartment are of different categories; the low income earners category, the average income earners category and then the affluent people.

The problem this article is going to solve is telling the affluent where they can get houses to live in. This has become a problem to the persons in need of the house.

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That said, let’s talk about the five best and most expensive places to live in the coal city.

Five best and most expensive places to live in Enugu

1.Independence Layout

If you’re looking for serenity and luxury at the same time, Independence Layout is the place to live in.

Independence layout is the dream of everyone who lives and aspires to live in Enugu. The place is serene, has very good road networks and is extremely beautiful.

The nightlife in this neighborhood is equally vibrant and commercial as the neighborhood hosts clubs like Villa Toscana and Orange room.

The independence layout is the seat of the Enugu State government. The  Lions building which is the popular name for the governor’s office, and the Enugu state house of assembly is located in this layout.

However, the properties located here are quite expensive. To get a two bedroom flat here will cost at least twenty to twenty two thousand naira monthly.

Living in indepence layout will cost a lot, most especially for an average standard living man. Independence layout doesn’t have a market, so residents rely on the ogbete market which is quite a distance from the layout.

Cost of things at this market, is equally high. This layout also houses some primary and post primary education outfits like the  Gab Selina schools and Pine Crest College.

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2. New Haven

New Haven can be referred to as a mini city of it’s own. It is located in the heart of the coal city and is undoubtedly one of the liveliest places to live in.

If you’re a person who loves the night life, this is the neighborhood to rent an apartment. New haven is a place in Enugu city that doesn’t sleep till its almost morning.

However, the problem with this place is that, the cost of an apartment in this place is on the high side. Getting a two bedroom apartment here will cost at least N215 000 or N235 000 for rent per annum.

A three bedroom flat costs N312 000 per annum. Now this is an expensive place to reside in.

3. GRA

GRA is the acronym for The Government Reservation Area. This is one of the most expensive and luxurious places to live in Enugu State.

It is a secured environment with the best recreational outfits like the golf course, the Polo park shopping mall, the Enugu state teaching hospital, the Central Bank of Nigeria regional headquarters, other commercial banks, the luxurious Zoo estate, Golf Estate and the Enugu state government Secretariat.

With these parastatals located in this place you can bet that the area will cost a lot to maintain in terms of the road networks, power supply and otherwise.

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Renting a three bedroom bungalow in the G.R.A will rid you of at least N350 000 every year. The only thing cheap here, is talk.

4.Ogui Road

 Ogui road which is in the Enugu north local government area is another expensive place to love in Enugu.

It Can’t be compared to new haven and the rest but it equally has its features that make it so expensive.

It hosts the famous Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, is very close to the two main markets in Enugu; Ogbete and Artisan Market.

There are also good schools located here that cost up to N25000  and above for school fees per term, and ogui road is also littered with fast food joints have been positioned in strategic places.

Properties in this place cost up to N40 000 per month and above.

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