History of Ibeju Lekki – Map / Location, Master Plan, Population & Estates

everything ibeju lekki - history, map, location and population

History of Ibeju Lekki – Ibeju Lekki is now the new gold. It is a fast developing neighborhood in Lagos; many people are now looking to buy a land or property there, all thanks to the Multi-million projects already being built there. Some even refer to it as ‘the future of Lagos’. However, only few people know the history of Ibeju Lekki. » Read more

Living in Badagry, Lagos – The Neighborhood Guide

badagry lagos neighbourhood

Living in Badagry, Lagos – The Neighborhood Guide


Badagry is a coastal and historic town in Lagos state, that is locate at the border between Lagos an Seme. As at 2006, the census reported that the town was populated by 241,093 people. Badagry was founded in the15th century on a lagoon off the Gulf of Guinea. It was a port for the exportation of slaves and a departure point for slaves headed to Haiti. Even now, the official religion of people in Haiti is Vodun and they worship a god that goes by the name, Ogun-Badagri. » Read more

Living in Abeokuta Ogun State – Neighborhood Guide

living in abeokuta neighbourhood

Living in Abeokuta Ogun State – Neighborhood Guide

Abeokuta is both the largest city and capital city of Ogun State. It is a suburban settlement sitting on the east bank of the Ogun River, 48 miles north of Lagos by railway or 81 miles by water. As of 2006, Abeokuta and the surrounding area had a population of 44,088.
Whether you are looking to settle, do business or simply unwind or explore, Abeokuta has got you covered. It houses a variety of schools, hotels, markets and fun places that makes your stay both comfortable and remarkable. » Read more

Living in Ikorodu, Lagos – Neighborhood Guide




A suburban city in Northeast Lagos, IKORODU sits along the Lagos Lagoon and shares a boundary with Ogun State. At the time of the 2006 census, IKORODU had a population of 535,619.

A city with a history so rich it is entwined in the very existence of its people, Ikorodu is a great choice for whatever you have in mind ranging from settling down to your business interests. IKORODU provides you with an array of choices of schools, hotels, markets and relaxation spots to keep you comfortable. » Read more

Living in Ibadan, Oyo State – Neighborhood Guide




Ibadan doubles as both the capital and the most populous city of Oyo State. Its population of over 3 million makes it the third most populous city in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano. It is the country’s largest city with its geographical area of 2,600 square miles.

IBADAN is a bubbling city with an overwhelming number of schools, markets, hotels and cool spots to meet your needs. » Read more

Ibeju-Lekki Communities Prepare to Benefit from Industrial Growth

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Ibeju-Lekki Communities Prepare to Benefit from Industrial Growth


Every community in Ibeju-Lekki, recently came together and collectively decided to put their differences and clashing interests aside, to enable the area benefit from the investments it’s getting as the new commercial hub in Lagos state. » Read more

Living In Lugbe Abuja – Neighborhood Guide




Have you ever been to a place and had no idea how to be familiar with the neighborhood? Have you ever heard that saying that, when you read, you can travel the world? It is indeed true, that you can learn about a place by merely reading about it. That said, why don’t we go somewhere new; Lugbe, Abuja. » Read more

Living in Asokoro, Abuja – Neighborhood Guide


Living in Asokoro, Abuja – Neighborhood Guide


Asokoro is a wealthy neighborhood in Abuja,

the capital city of Nigeria.  It is a leafy neighborhood, where the politicians, elites and creme de la creme reside in Abuja.

If you ever find time to visit Abuja for a course, for a visit, a job, or complete relocation, then you should consider checking out Asokoro.

In the meantime, before you make the trip, here are some of the places to know in Asokoro. » Read more

Living in Surulere, Lagos – Your Friendly Neighborhood Guide

living in surulere

Living in Surulere – Your Friendly Neighborhood Guide

Surulere is one of the most popular residential and commercial towns in Lagos. This local government has a population density of 21,864 inhabitants per square kilometers, in an area of 23 square kilometers. This simply connotes that, Surulere is one of the most populated towns in Lagos. » Read more

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