Nsima Ekere : When a Good Manager is Honoured

Nsima Ekere: When a good manager is honoured

Nsima Ekere, the Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission, was honored with an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Management Technology by the Federal University of Technology, Owerri.


Even though this is not an official principle, the post of the managing director of the NDDC is usually held by experts in fields related to sustainable development, engineering, journalism, medicine, architecture, law, estate management and quantity survey, and others alike.

The dedicated Mr. Nsima Ekere is an expert estate surveyor and valuer, who has been registered by the Estate Surveyors and Valuers Registration Board of Nigeria (ESVRBN), a fellow of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV), a senior certified valuer by the International Real Estate Institute, USA and an associate member of the Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation, UK.

Beyond his professional background, he has also gathered valuable experience in areas related to sustainable development like, the power sector, construction, asset management, power sector administration, portfolio management, oil and gas, and other related services. There was also a time in Akwa-Ibom where he was the Deputy Governor and acting Governor for a month. During this time, he was responsible for boundary and emergency management, overseeing the state power sectors and other governing duties

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For his previous achievements and successes, people had more faith in him and it was not in doubt, therefore, that he would utilize these experiences when he assumed duty as the Commission in November 2016.

One major thing he did was to rearrange the NDDC’s form of financial management, by making the budget process very realistic.  The educational sector also benefitted from this change.  It’s no news that the commission has been contributing to the development of educational infrastructure like lecture halls, hostels, laboratories and the likes. However, Ekere merged all these interventions to an investment in human capacity building and youth empowerment.

Today, more than 22,612 youths and women, including several by Ekere’s management, have been trained by the NDDC in different areas. Some of which are: welding and fabrication, modern printing technology, solar power technology, food processing, enterprise development; catering and confectionaries; creative arts and entertainment; fashion design; wall screeding; POP installation; electrical wiring; interior decoration; plumbing; painting; and specialized carpentry. In just this year, over 100 youths have been signed on to take training on skill acquisition at Innosson Motors Industry.

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As stated earlier, in the higher institutions, the commission built 18 hostels –across all the region.

The post graduate students were not left behind. The Commission has successfully sponsored 1,410 post graduate students to different foreign universities for further studies in nine special areas including oil and gas law. Apart from awarding post graduates students with grants for their education overseas, Nsima Ekere also worked hard to ensure that the smart, intelligent and very knowledgeable indigenous undergraduates got scholarships as well.

Ekere’s management started the annual NSDDC Moot court trial competition, is another successful attempt at improving the practical skills of undergraduates in their area of specialization. An annual NDDC Moot Court Trial Competition, only recently started by Ekere’s management, is one of the Commission’s several interventions in horning the practical skills of the region’s undergraduates in their areas of specialization. Another milestone achieved by the NDDC in Ekere’s management, is the setting up of the Library complex at the Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, as promised by the commission.

To boost digital learning, Ekere and his management team are planning to link the entire region with fiber optics that improves internet penetration and spread, to the greater benefit of students in the region.


Ekere, knowing that the foundation is relevant for the improvement of education in the future, recently distributed 72,000 chairs and desks for schools across the region. This is absolutely different from the whooping N2billion to be spent on schools’ renovations this year alone.

In partnership with the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria, SMEDAN, and Builders Hub Impact Investment Program, the Commission plans to establish Nigeria’s first and grandest enterprise and growth hub, which will enable up and coming entrepreneurs and startups find meaningful ways of expression.

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