Ojodu-Berger Pedestrian Bridge, Lagos Nigeria

Ojodu-Berger is a major traffic distribution point in Lagos. It is the first major point of call for communities coming into the state and the last for those leaving the state through the Lagos-Ibadan Express way. As a result of this strategic location, commuters crossing especially across the highway was a major occurrence here. Unfortunately however, many of the commuters in the process of crossing the Highway, get knocked down, leading to permanent disabilities or death.

Some of the persons in the area gave their views on the matter. One of them said
” Before we used to cross the road and it was very risky because we have to climb the pavement running before you get to the other side. The moving vehicles on the road are very fast and many people have had accidents on this road”.
Another road user said
“We found it extremely difficult to cross the main road. The count of deaths was very high”.
In order to stop this ugly development and prevent the loss of lives, Governor Ambode’s administration conceived the construction of the pedestrian Bridge at Ojodu-Berger Bus-stop. On Monday the 25th of January, 2016, construction began with demolition and removal of obstructing structures. This led to actual construction which started from the base and the foundation of the pedestrian Bridge. An observer said
” We have been given a great value by this bridge and infrastructure. It has added greatly to the people’s economy in their locality. That is progress, therefore if we can continue the realignment and coordination of infrastructural needs of our state, in the manner Ambode is performing, Lagos will soon match any international state or country anywhere in the world. We attest to the commitment that Governor Ambode has made to the people, fulfilling the promises that he made to the people. Education is moving in the right direction, security of the state and lives of the people, caring for the healthcare of the people, opening up road and communities for good economic progress of the people. We commend your efforts. Governor Ambode is silently achieving, meticulously planning, religiously executing, and brilliantly giving results to the people of Lagos State. “
From the retaining wall base, the project rose to the state of construction of concrete retaining walls. The retaining walls were to make way for lay bys, walk ways and other services. As the construction of the retaining walls continued, works on the bridge also progressed with the building of a bridge column base placement of reinforcement for the bridge column and the base, casting of the bridge column and base and setting of reinforcements for the bridge cross beams. When the walls were completed, the contractor undertook the back filling of the Ibadan bound section with sharp sands in layers and construction works continued.
Ojodu-Berger pedestrian bridge project includes; a bridge extension that takes pedestrians across ogunusi road, provision of lay bys, and multi bus parks that has taken commercial buses off the road and improved traffic flow, the construction of street takes traffic directly into Isheri and reducing the pressure on the Isheri round about, the upgrading of Berger-Isheri road and the access road to Berger round about from the Lagos-Ibadan Express way including the installation of traffic signal light amongst others.
A road user commented ” It is now a lot better and excellent because you don’t have to cross again. You can actually walk straight to the park which is very good. The government is indeed doing very good.”
To ensure effective control of flood around the project area, a drain has been provided to channel the water. The provision of public toilet will bring about an improvement in sanitation and the health status of the general area.
Another road user said ” The state of this place was nothing to write home about. It was actually very scary and I was always afraid for my bag and wallet. I have even been stolen from before in this place. But all that has changed. The government has really done so much and I can now walk freely without fear of my bag being snatched from me. “
Another commented ” this place was a no go area but that is no longer the case.”
The construction of the world class Ojodu-Berger pedestrian bridge and road works attest to the commitment of Governor Ambode’s administration to prioritize the safety of the people. Thanks why it ensured timely completion of the project through regular funding.
A road user voiced his gratitude. ” Before this over head bridge there was a lot of danger in crossing the express and a lot of people have lost their lives in the process of crossing this express road. But now you can cross very freely. Iris really a wonderful experience. The government has indeed done so well. Compared to what this place used to look like before, the flow of traffic now is splendid.
Just like numerous other projects located in different parts of the state, Ojodu-Berger pedestrian Bridge is a promise made and a promise fulfilled. For a junction that is always busy with pedestrian activities, the project is already making the crossing of the busy express way a pleasurable experience for them. It is indeed a story of progress and success driven by passion to foster an environment conducive for living and for doing business.

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