Planning Your Relocation To Abuja

Planning Your Relocation To Abuja

Different people have different reasons why they relocate from where they are to another place. It could be for a career, a romantic reason or just for adventure. Relocating across the state is not an easy thing. There are things to consider, not to mention the anxiety that comes with being uncertain about uprooting your life from where you are living, and moving to a new city. It can be overwhelming.

Then add your kids, (if you have any), to the list. You will worry about getting them adjusted to a new place, a new neighborhood, new school, new friends.

Well, this article is for people who are planning on relocating to Abuja. Now, you may have visited Abuja one or more times, but visiting a a place is quite different from actually living there. Moving to a new state can be terrifying and at the same time thrilling. Preparing your relocation carefully is the best way so as to ensure that everything goes as you have planned.

How To Plan Your Relocation To Abuja

Have A Budget
Before you move to Abuja, you must have made plans. Make a relocation budget. There are a lot of things to be done. Sit down and figure out if you can afford to relocate to Abuja and how much you are willing to spend. You will need accommodation first and foremost, and you should know that accommodation is outrageously expensive and it’s quite beyond the average Nigerian salary. You will need to also plan for your feeding. If you own a car, it will need fueling every now and then. And if you don’t own a car, you will need some money for transport fare to take yourself around, especially if you moved to Abuja in search of a better job or your first job.
If you are moving to Abuja on transfer, then you need to make plans on how to enroll your children(if you have any and are moving with them) in a new school which, of course, is going to cost money. Either way, you must make sure you are financially ready to make this move.

How Will You Move?
Do you want to waybill your properties or use a professional long distance mover or drive yourself? If you are deciding on the first two, then you have to find a way to get you and your family to Abuja. The further the distance between your present city and the capital city, the more you need to plan this move. Most of the time, driving is preferable, the only downside being that it takes much more time than flying. You can move some of your stuff with you if you drive.
If your present city is too far from Abuja, you will need to budget for hotels, feeding and gas, just in case you stay on the road for more than a day or more than two.

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Make A Research
If you are going to use a moving company, read the reviews very carefully to ensure that it is a registered one, so as to avoid problems with the move. It is important that you pay good money for a moving company that will take care of your properties and communicate with you regularly, in transit.
You should also make some enquiries about Abuja and what you should expect when you get there. Having some information beforehand about Abuja will reduce your tension when you get there. And if you happen to experience any shocking thing, you will not be too shocked because you already have knowledge about it.

Share The Work
When you are preparing to relocate to the capital city, don’t collapse because of too much work. Share the work among friends or roommates and if you have a family and you are relocating with them, give each one a task. It will lighten the load and relieve you of wasting so much time doing little things that another person would have handled for you. Even the smallest person in your family should be given a small task like packing his/her toys.

Things You Should Know Before Relocating To Abuja

Cost Of Living
Most people are scared to move to Abuja because of the stories they have heard about the high cost of living that is supposedly, the most outstanding feature of Abuja. I’ve heard someone say that Abuja is the home of ‘big men’. This has made folks to question their decision to move to Abuja because they do not have a lot of money and cannot afford the flamboyant lifestyle.
A flamboyant lifestyle is actually an optional thing. If you decide to live above your means, it’s left to you. There are average people that go to unimaginable lengths just to meet up to a particular notion that everybody must belong. If you plan yourself well, you can be able to get your daily needs and focus on more important things.

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Real estate is very expensive in Abuja. It will blow your mind to know that what you are paying for your one bedroom apartment in Abuja can get you an amazingly beautiful duplex in other parts of the country. If you are lucky to get a job where the company sorts out your accommodation and movement problem, the rent won’t be so difficult. If your company can provide an official car and a house for you, you will be buoyant enough to live the kind of life you want. But it all depends on your lifestyle and if you have any dependants. Transportation and accommodation are the major problems people living in Abuja experience, so if you have the both of them sorted out, any other expenses you make is based entirely on how you choose to spend your money.

Electricity And Water Supply
Make enquiries about areas that enjoy constant power supply because electricity in Abuja is not consistent. Some parts of Gwarinpa and Airport road can serve. Gwarinpa is a cool estate to live in but it is favorably expensive. There are places that you’ll live and you will be enjoying power supply for almost 15 hours daily, while someone that lives just minutes away from you will be happy if he even sees steady light for one hour. You might spend approximately 15,000 every month on electricity, depending on how it is used, and 12,000 approximately on water supply.

Based on where you are living, food may be expensive, but if you get them from the local market, it will be relatively cheap.Right now, the country is experiencing a recession and that means that the prices of things have skyrocketed and the cost of living has gone up too. If you are the kind of person that likes buying imported goods, and if you like shopping at the grocery stores or supermarkets, the prices have doubled and even tripled.

While Lagos is well known for a high crime rate, Abuja does not share this feature. You will not fall a victim of any crime if you are a law abiding citizen, you pay attention to details and are extra careful. As long as you act like a sensible person, you will have nothing to worry about where safety is concerned. Abuja is actually safe compared to other states in Nigeria.
This is because the headquarters of the Nigerian police, the army, State Security Service, Embassies, high commission of foreign countries are all in Abuja. The only crimes that happen does not happen in the center of the city. There are only occasional of armed robbery here and there.

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There are taxis in Abuja that will take you wherever you want to go. They are popularly known as ‘drop’. Some of these ‘drop’ taxis do not have a standard price and if you prolong their journey and it passes the time that they were supposed to drop you, it will become another bargain. They will start whining about how you have made them lose other customers and start demanding that you pay close to a thousand naira. ‘Drop’ in Abuja is very cheap. You can get a drop( taxi, no sharing),for as low as 200.

Unlike Lagos where one would spend the night trapped in traffic, Abuja does not have traffic problems. The only problem you will have as far as movement is concerned is when you want to travel out of the state. It can be frustrating because of the congestion in places like Nyanya. There’s also the inhibition of potholes and checkpoints.
If you were lacking motivation and inspiration before moving to Abuja, you will be singing a different song after you have lived there for a while because you will see these two things in every corner. Finding a job in Abuja is not easy. If you don’t work hard there, you will think some people are after you because it is all about the survival of the fittest. You can either make a wonderful life for yourself and become better than you were when you first came, or you will be frustrated and become even worse than you were.

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