5 Popular Streets in Lekki Phase 1

Lekki phase 1

Lekki is a popular high brow area in Lagos with most parts of it well planned and serene. It is one of the fastest growing neighborhood in Lagos as people keep purchasing properties for residential and commercial purposes. It also has a lot of relaxation spots which attracts visitors to the area on a daily basis. It is therefore not a surprise that there is usually a lot of traffic in the area. Here is a list of the busiest and most popular streets in Lekki Phase 1.

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Admiralty road Lekki: This was once a bad road that motorists were always complaining about. Now it is a tarred road that is equally notable because of the numerous commercial activities and relaxation spots that can be found along it such as The place, E-bar, Dominos, G’s places, numerous eateries, Bars, Mini malls, supermarkets, Filling station, lounges, Banks, business centers and other business ventures. Believe me as long as you have been to Lekki you must have used this road as it is the road you’ll take to get into Lekki.

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Fola Osibo – This road is quite long although not as long as Admiralty road and it connects different areas in Lekki Phase 1. Some use this road as a short cut to quickly get around the estate. It has a substantial level of commercial activities going on. There are restaurants, bars, shops and other business establishments. outlets located on the street.

Admiralty Way – Yes, this is the second Admiralty you’ll see in Lekki. It is located beside Tantalizers and Forte oil. Just like most streets in Lekki, there are commercial activities on the street. You can find Sailors, Bay Lounge, Daytona and other business establishments on this street. If you really want to know your way around Lekki you have to be conversant with Admiralty way.

Omorinre Johnson – This is a very old street. It has been around for a very long time and one of the first streets to be created. It is found just off the estate gate and serves as a landmark to the streets and estates that are found around it. Although the road is not in a great shape, it is currently being fixed.

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Durosimi Etti – This street is also an old street and was named after a notable Lekki resident. It is always a busy street with a lot of vehicle activities. MVP Lounge and many other notable relaxation spots are located on this street. Dowen College which is one of the old schools in Lagos is found on this street. Durosimi Etti street is a very long street and there are many turns in it. It connects to the Lekki central mosque road.

So when next you are in Lekki and you find yourself in any of these streets you’ll be very aware of where you are as you already know all there is to know about them.

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