What Many Do Not Know About Ibeju-lekki, The New Lagos

What Many Do Not Know About Ibeju-lekki, The New Lagos

Last week Tuesday, I set out for a site inspection of the much talked about *New Lagos – Ibeju Lekki* along with my team we covered the Ibeju Lekki axis.

We marveled at the sight of several organisations, The developments and opportunities springing up there. » Read more

The Nigerian Tenant, The Landlord & His Rental Apartment

Becoming a tenant in an apartment which is rented presumes that you have viewed the space prior to paying for it. Upon being satisfied with it you went ahead to enter into an agreement to use the mutually agreed space given up by the property owner for a sum of money which is the rent. Consciously, you have entered a contract in which the owner is obliged to give you the flat or apartment agreed and do certain things in the house. He therefore relates with you in exchange for cool cash. » Read more

Urban Design – An Introductory Approach

Urban areas are remarkably different from rural environment and they pose enormous challenges to environment professionals in terms of what form they should take. In general terms, various theories, concepts, and approaches have been employed in solving urban problems but an integrated approach has rarely been employed. Thus professionals like urban planners, architects, engineers and others often work alone as is urban design problems can be solved independently of each professional’s efforts. In recent times, the trends is now towards multi-professional approach. Thus design challenges are taken up from environmental and sociological perspectives, decision-making process is more open and participatory, while the state (politics) and the market (economics) are becoming more critical in the implementation of design projects. » Read more

Selecting & Working With Estate Agencies In Real Estate Investment Process

Choosing Estate Agents

Whether buying or selling real estate interest, choosing the right real estate agent is one of the most important decisions you will make during the conveyancing process. In an industry which has seen a doubling of agent numbers over the last five years, the initial choice can seem abroad and daunting one. Some of the key factors to consider in the search for a reliable and trustworthy agent are: » Read more

Termination of Agency

An obligation does not usually remain indefinitely. Several reasons exist for which contractual obligations could come to an end. Agency, being a form of business contractual relationship is not insulated from this general principle. Agency relationship could cease to exist through any of the following ways: by termination of the relationship and by performance of the obligations assumed by each of the parties within the given time. Similarly, other business developments such as invalidation, cancellation, merger & acquisitions etc can bring obligations of agency relationships to an end. The agency relationship is not permanent. Either by action of the parties or by law, the relationship will eventually terminates. » Read more

Rural Area And Village Planning Process

Concept Of Rural Area

What is “Rural”?
Definition of the term “Rural” is a concept or an expression that appears quite difficult to define, due to its multi-dimensional approach and nature. As there are many professionals involved in the studies and development of rural areas with much controversy; so are there diverse definitions and views expressed either from economic, social, psychological, ethnical, racial and numerical perspectives.
Principally, two methods of identifying or defining what is “rural” are usually given. First and foremost, is to identify the rural areas as an entity. While the second, is to identify and classify the urban areas, and assume the rest to be rural (Kadiri, 1998). This approach is based on the simple understanding that once we can identify what is urban; it automatically means the rest is rural. This therefore means what is not urban is rural (Obot, 1986).
Similarly, some researchers have identified certain criteria as the basis of classification of settlements into either urban or rural (Okpala 1986, Jones 1996, Sanders 1977, Kadiri 1998, Olaseni 2004). The three commonly employed criteria are:
Legal and administrative definition and classification. This is the declaration made by law of the end. » Read more

An Introductory Approach to Design in Urban & Regional Planning


The nature of human settlements require that component parts be carefully planned and integrated for functionality and efficiency. Within a system of settlements, the planning becomes more challenging because each settlement must be planned first to function as a separate entity, and to also function efficiently within the system of settlements to which it belongs.
However, not all the components making up a settlement can be subjected adequately to planning control or influence. An appropriate planning framework should therefore b established for settlements based on their hierarchy, spatial location and size, as well as the functions which they perform. Just as settlements differ, the planning framework to deal with them also differ, from master plan to local plan and down to subject plan. » Read more

Urban And Regional Planning – A Conceptual Overview

planning is an act that we carry out in our day to day. Every individual makes one plan or the other. There are strategic plans, economic plans etc, but planning in this sense is in relation to the discipline of urban and regional planning otherwise known as town planning and or physical planning. » Read more

Land for sale Ibeju-Lekki, Ajah Sangotedo Abijo Epe – Become a Landlord & Collect Rent Forever

Land for sale Ibeju-Lekki, Ajah Sangotedo Abijo Epe – Become a Landlord & Collect Rent Forever


Becoming a Landlord is one of the best decisions any human being can make. It’s an investment that pays you for life, pays your children for life too, even your grand kids. » Read more

Estate Ownership – Definition, Motives & Concept of Land / Property Ownership

estate ownership



Ownership of property is a multidimensional concept. An owner is any person or group of persons who has the right to exercise power over property, be it in the form of chattels (i.e. personal goods such as clothing, furniture etc) or real property (i.e. land, buildings and other improvements on lands). “Ownership is the right to the exclusive enjoyment of a thing. It donates the relation between a person and any right and any rights that is vested in him. These rights are of two kinds, namely: the indeterminate and the determinate forms of rights exercisable on a property. an indeterminate (absolute) ownership would ensure the exclusive enjoyment the right of using, altering abandoning, and disposing or even destroying the thing, while a determinate (restricted) owner is limited some extent: for example, where there are joint owners of a property (each with some restricted claims) or where the property is charged with the payment with the payment of some rents or charges as found in leasehold interest in land. » Read more

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