Rural Area And Village Planning Process

Concept Of Rural Area What is “Rural”? Definition of the term “Rural” is a concept or an expression that appears quite difficult to define, due to its multi-dimensional approach and nature. As there are many professionals involved in the studies and development of rural areas with much controversy; so are there diverse definitions and views expressed either from economic, social, […]

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An Introductory Approach to Design in Urban & Regional Planning

STRUCTURE PLAN 1. INTRODUCTION The nature of human settlements require that component parts be carefully planned and integrated for functionality and efficiency. Within a system of settlements, the planning becomes more challenging because each settlement must be planned first to function as a separate entity, and to also function efficiently within the system of settlements to which it belongs. However, […]

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Urban And Regional Planning – A Conceptual Overview

INTRODUCTION planning is an act that we carry out in our day to day. Every individual makes one plan or the other. There are strategic plans, economic plans etc, but planning in this sense is in relation to the discipline of urban and regional planning otherwise known as town planning and or physical planning.

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Become a Landlord in Ibeju-Lekki, Ajah Sangotedo Abijo Epe & Collect Rent Forever

Land for sale Ibeju-Lekki, Ajah Sangotedo Abijo Epe – Become a Landlord & Collect Rent Forever YOU CAN BUY THE LAND TO BUILD AND LIVE INSIDE/PUT TENANTS INSIDE OR BUY THE LAND AND WAIT FOR THE PRICE TO GO UP BY 500%. Becoming a Landlord is one of the best decisions any human being can make. It’s an investment that […]

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Estate Ownership – Definition, Motives & Concept of Land / Property Ownership

estate ownership

MEANING OF OWNERSHIP   Ownership of property is a multidimensional concept. An owner is any person or group of persons who has the right to exercise power over property, be it in the form of chattels (i.e. personal goods such as clothing, furniture etc) or real property (i.e. land, buildings and other improvements on lands). “Ownership is the right to […]

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Benefits Of Buying Property In Dubai – Invest in Dubai Real Estate

benefits of buying property in dubai

BENEFITS OF BUYING PROPERTY IN DUBAI – Is Buying Property In Dubai A Good Investment Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. It houses a plethora of amazing properties from scenic water views, to skyscrapers and idyllic spots for quiet reflection. It is also one of the most coveted investment locations in the world. With its […]

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