Duties Of An Estate Agent & The Principal – Responsibilities

duties of an estate agent and principal

Duties of an Estate Agent An estate agent represents the principal, and the principal can be either the property seller or buyer. Where the agent represents the seller, his core duty is to help the seller arrive at an appropriate and realistic price, discovering and disclosing facts that affect the seller and properly presenting the contracts that the seller signs. […]

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Documents Required For A Land Purchase In Nigeria

documents required for a land purchase in nigeria

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR A LAND PURCHASE IN NIGERIA   Documents Required For Land Purchase Deed of assignment Survey plan Certificate of occupancy Receipt   There are always documents involved in every business transaction carried out especially the ones involving money. Real estate transactions are no different. These documents serve as proof that a business transaction took place. The most common […]

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Estate Management – What You Need To Know

definition of estate

Estate Management – What You Need To Know What is an estate? An estate is a legal entity donating the character and quality of rights that an individual or individuals possess in a property. Property can be defined as the interest, which can be acquired in an object or thing. The key words from the above definition are rights” and […]

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Formation Of A Real Estate Agency

formation of a real estate agency

An agent is any person who is appointed or authorized by a principal to act on his or her behalf. It must be noted that agency is one of the special type of contracts and thus, the rules application to the formation of a valid contract, are of necessity applicable to the agency relationship. Accordingly, the elements required under the […]

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Understanding The Nature Of Real Estate Agency

understanding the nature of real estate agency

THE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS OF ESTATE AGENCY Agency is a fiduciary relationship that arises when one (a principal) manifests assent to another person(an agent) that the agent shall act on the principal’s behalf and subject to the principal’s control, and the agent consents so to act in that capacity. In today’s marketplace, individuals as well as corporate entities may find it […]

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