Reasons Why Lagos State Is An Exciting Place to Live

reasons why lagos state is exciting place to live

Reasons why Lagos is an exciting place to live

The beautiful city of Lagos (also known as Eko and Lasgidi) is located in Lagos state, Nigeria, West Africa. Lagos was named for its surrounding waters and is known as the centre of Excellence in Nigeria. Lagos is the commercial capital of Nigeria and is also one of the major financial hubs in Africa. This is probably why it is said that Lagos is the land of opportunities. With variety of businesses (local and international) in different industries, and a large population to patronize such businesses, it is relatively easy to do very well in Lagos.

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What’s not to love about Lagos from the lights, the vibes, the people, the busy streets, architecture, the drama, the parties, little wonder Lagos is fondly referred to as small London.


Not impressed yet? Here are some more reasons why you should live in Lagos.

Multicultural/ diverse city

Lagos city fondly called “No man’s land” (though debateable) is home to a diverse range of people- Nigerians and foreigners alike. Due to the economic opportunities in Lagos state, a lot of people have migrated from different parts of Nigeria and overseas and settled in Lagos. For this reason, you’ll find people from the various ethnic groups like Hausas, Igbos, Yorubas, Ibibio, Fulani, Igala, Efik, Itsekiri and so on, in Lagos state. You’ll also find Koreans, Ghanaians, Americans, Indians, Pakistanis, British people and a whole lot more in Lagos. Thus, if you have a flair for learning about different cultures and connecting with different people, you’ll have the opportunity to do so in Lagos state.


This is one of the highlights of living in Lagos. There are so many options when it comes to transportation. Well, this largely depends on how financially buoyant you are. However, there is something for everyone. If you decide to travel on a commercial bus, you have the option of the BRT buses, which actually have their own lanes (how cool is that!) and our popular Danfo buses (yellow bus). Buses in Lagos are normally very affordable, so it’s a cheap way to transport yourself and your wares. If you decide to travel using a cab, you also have options. You can travel on our popular yellow cabs, or the red cab or Uber or Taxify. You also have the option of traveling on Okada (motorcycles) or Keke Napep (tricycles) or even train. Depending on your destination, you can also travel or move your goods via air or sea. In fact, Lagos is home to the largest and busiest seaport in Africa.

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Good quality education

If you are looking for good quality education at any level, Lagos is the place to be. There are so many prestigious schools in Lagos from primary schools down to postgraduate level. Lagos has got loads to offer academically both Nigerian (private and public schools) and international schools. Lagos is home to the University of Lagos, Lagos state University (LASU), Yaba college of Technology (YABATECH), Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Lagos business school, Queen’s college Lagos, Lekki British high school and lots more. There are also skills acquisition schools where you can learn to bake, sew and so on. There are lots of options to pick from, whatever you may be looking.


I mentioned earlier that Lagos is multicultural. This means that you will find a variety of food from different cultures in Lagos. Whatever meal from any part of Nigeria or abroad, you can get it in Lagos! We have our local buka food joints that serve cheap Nigerian meals (from different ethnic groups). We also have the local and international restaurants that are a bit more expensive.

In addition, I cannot stress the relevance of Lagos street food! From our popular Gala and Lacasera hawkers to our Mai Suya guys (that sell barbecued beef and chicken), Mai shayis’ Indomie (noodles) and tea, Ewa Agonyi (beans), Bole(roasted plantain), roasted yam  and our famous  Agege bread and so on. In fact, street food is in abundance in Lagos. So, if you are one to try out new food, or you love your street food, Lagos is the place for you!

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Tourist attractions

If you are the kind that likes to explore, there are several places of interest to visit in Lagos. There are art galleries, stadia, museums, parks, historic centres, Amusement parks, film villages and so on. Since water bodies surround Lagos, there are loads of beaches both private and otherwise in. The view in these beaches is a beauty to behold and since its summer all year round, you can always have a lovely beach getaway during the weekends.

Employment opportunities

Lagos is regarded as one of the major financial centres in Africa. It is therefore no surprise that many businesses (local and international) have found their home in Lagos state. This creates a lot of employment opportunities in Lagos state. Whatever job you are interested in, in whatever industry, be it entertainment, education, technology, sports, banking and finance, science and technology, you’ll get opportunities in Lagos state.

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Are you looking for entertainment? Lagos is the place to be. There is never a dull moment in Lagos! Musical concerts, live bands, karaoke, drama, movies at the cinema, go-carting, paintballing, fashion shows, gaming centres, whatever interests you, you’ll definitely find In Lagos.  The nightlife in Lagos is bustling! So many clubs, lounges, pubs, name it, in Lagos. Another thing to mention is the famous Lagos Owambe (Lagos parties) with food, lovely attire and great music! In summary, you can never be bored in Lagos!

Shopping spree

For my shopaholics, there are so many shopping centres and markets in Lagos state. Whatever commodity you are looking for, you’ll definitely find in Lagos.  From clothes, to grocery, to shoes, gadgets, home appliances, anything at all, you’ll get in Lagos state.  You can find locally made items from any part of Nigeria in Lagos. There are big malls that sell products from international brands as well, so whatever your taste, you can bet it is available in Lagos.

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Mind, body and Soul

It is important to keep the mind, body and soul together and Lagos is the right place to do this. Lagos is home to many Churches and Mosques. In fact, most of the most popular Churches in Nigeria have their headquarters in. So if you are the religious type, there are so many options to pick from.

There are so many fitness centres, for those that like to work out. You also have the option of visiting any of the stadia for some sports or play football on a street field-if that’s your thing. You’ll also find yoga classes, dance classes and so on.

For the bookworms, there are well-equipped libraries in different parts of Lagos. What ever you need to keep your mind, body and soul together, you’ll definitely find it in Lagos.

After residing in Lagos for over 20 years, I can tell you confidently that there is never a dull moment in Lagos. Lagos is the place to be!

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