Why You Should Live in Lekki

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Living in Lekki is a new ball game for some. To Live in Lekki, you need to be aware of these fantastic details to make your stay pleasant.

Lekki is a popular hub in Lagos known for commercial and a luxurious lifestyle.
The island by Lagosians as popularly called, has the hottest, poshest and some of the most affluent people living in.

Why You Should Live in Lekki

Lekki isn’t just a residential area, but its also a commercial hub where companies are based. At lekki, you can work and live there.

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Living in Lekki is one place in Lagos that has both its benefits and demerits, just like everywhere else.

For some people, they were born here and for some others, they came from other parts of Lagos and settled there. Life in Lekki is a beautiful place, but its one part of Lagos that is still fighting the problem of flooding. So the question is, why are people still wanting to live here?

Some reasons why you should live in Lekki


Unlike other places in Lagos where you have to demolish an old house to raise another structure, lekki has virgin land for fresh work.

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Especially for those of you who like constructing your homes on fresh grounds. Lekki has land, might be expensive but available.

Decide to build a church, office, stadium or home, it’s your business. But this is a good reason to live here.

2.Modern Infrastructure.

Lekki has amazing town planning, beautifully structured houses that prove that the architects were very well exposed and infrastructure that’ll makes it seem as if you live outside the country. Lekki is one of the very few places in Lagos state where the houses built are fully fitted with swimming pools, furniture, gym, bars and many more.

3. Security
Lekki has got to be one if the most secured places in Lagos state. Here, you can’t just barge into somebody’s house. Every gate to every estate, close or compound is manned by a security guard who questions you and makes you confirm your invitation before entry. If you are very particular about your security,then this is one good reason why you should live at lekki.

4.Better  Lifestyle

Try tell someone in Lagos state that you moved from the mainland to Lekki and see how you’ll be respected. Lekki doesn’t just give you a new status, it gives you an exceptionally classy lifestyle.

Residents of Lekki can jog in the wee hours of the morning or at night without fear of being attacked, they can walk their dogs, they have play areas, supermarkets, clubs,  parks and exotic intercontinental  restaurants as well. In Lekki, its luxury.

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5.Proximity to the corporate centre

For people who work on the island and work on the mainland, it’s almost impossible to stay in traffic and not be exhausted every now and then. You might think that houses on the mainland are cheaper but on the long run, you’ll have to pay for transportation and survive the tough traffic while commuting. Its really not worth it. Its best if you just relocate to a place like lekki that is close to the Lagos island, Victoria Island or Ikoyi.

6. Proximity  to nature and Recreation.

The Two major things Lekki is really popular for are the houses and then the beaches. Lekki has some of the most beautiful, serene and luxurious beaches. So you get two benefits; being close to nature and amazing spot for relaxation.

There are also other places you can go to for recreation and fun. Some of these places operate into the night. To fully enjoy these benefits, you might have to buy a house in Lekki.


7. Networking.

Lekki is the place where you can meet most of the important people in Nigeria by just jogging in the morning. Nothing is impossible here.

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That big shot you’ve been trying to pitch your proposal to is most likely living in Lekki and you can run into him.

Most celebrities live in lekki so whether you want to meet them for just pictures or for business, you will find them here.

If you plan to relocate from the mainland to the island in Lagos state and you were having doubts, then I’m pretty sure these reasons are good enough reasons for you to relocate to Lekki.

Some of the reasons include the land mass, security, proximity to corporate centers, proximity to nature, recreation, the modern infrastructure, the classy lifestyle, and the ability to network.

If you do not think these reasons enough to get yourself a home in Lekki, then you probably need to visit and see for yourself.

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